Beyond Man Cave and She Shack: The Lounge

Beyond Man Cave and She Shack: The Lounge

Open concept living, with several rooms blending into one, has its benefits. Family members can share cooking, eating and entertainment together. But the drawback is, privacy. What happens when you want a little spot just for you or you and a couple friends? Have you found yourself wishing for a comfy little retreat at home, a small spot just right for reading, relaxing, or listening to music? Or maybe–your own little wine or whiskey lounge? 

Sometimes known as a snug (from the British word for a small private room in a pub), these intimate small rooms fill the need for a quiet solitary getaway or a gathering spot for a couple of friends. A trending design idea, the home lounge evokes comfort and coziness. And if you have an unused or underused room in your home, you can make your getaway come true. Here’s how!

Find space

Your home lounge may be hiding in plain sight. Consider repurposing

  • your rarely used formal dining room 
  • the kids’ playroom, long outgrown or recently vacated in favor of the media room
  • an empty bedroom

Make it cozy

A lounge or snug is all about cocoon-like comfort, so imagine mid- to deep moody colors like tones of blue and green for walls and even the ceiling. Painted paneling is another no-fail snug look. If you can, add built-ins for books, a record player, and your decorative treasures. Even without a carpenter, though, you can have shelving using purchased cabinets or bookcases. 

Maybe you’d like to store musical instruments in the room for informal jam sessions!

Choose the right furnishings

Furnish your lounge with a soft, stylish rug and comfortable seating. A velvet or leather sofa and deep club chairs invite relaxing. Layer the room with a variety of textures (and patterns, too, if you like). You’ll want a coffee table for beverages and maybe a small game table if there is space. If the room is for adults only, there’s a perfect opportunity to add a cart for wine or spirits, and to display pretty barware. 

Don’t forget mood lighting–lamps are great for that, as are dimmable chandeliers and wall sconces.

Short on space?

Even if there is not a single room in the house to spare, other spots where you could carve out a private little niche for yourself include

  • under a staircase (there’s often a valuable void there you can capitalize on) 
  • in a window seat (fill with pillows, maybe install a curtain for extra warmth and coziness)
  • in a closet, sans doors (nook, anyone?)
  • in the corner of larger room (bookcase + cozy chair + lamp)

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