Classy, Classic Blue & White

Classy, Classic Blue & White

What is a classic? Whether it’s a book, a car, or a song, a classic could be defined simply as “something that’s been around long enough for people to appreciate how great it is”! And if ever there was a classic color combination, it has to be—blue and white. 

Blue and white is a perennial favorite. Although we use the combo to decorate whole rooms–on walls, cabinetry, and in furniture and accessory choices–many people associate blue and white with the pottery craze that seemed to start it all.


Blue and White Has History

Many fans of blue and white appreciate not only its beauty but its status as a historic icon. While the Chinese developed the process of painting cobalt blue designs on white porcelain, their trade with other countries spread the designs around the world. (Blue and white porcelain retains the name “chinoiserie” that connects it to its Chinese origins.)

Later, European countries tried to copy the Chinese process, and the Dutch were initially the most successful. (Heard of the Dutch town of Delft, as in,“Delft blue”?) Afterward, English potters did the same while adding their own design distinctives. Blue and white porcelain became a phenomenon in Europe and America in the 1700 and 1800’s. 

Even today, traditionally shaped blue and white ginger jars, vases, dinnerware, and serveware continue to be hugely popular. 



You don’t even have to love historic or traditional looks to enjoy blue and white, because it easily bridges styles from traditional to modern


Play it classy, coastal, or  cottage-y,  blue and white is one of the most versatile color combinations out there!

Depending on how it’s used, blue and white can be calming or energetic. Think how you can incorporate blue and white in your home in myriad ways: navy paint on a focal wall, kitchen cabinets, or as a rich background for a whole room.  You can bring in blue through rugs, accent furniture, textiles, art, and tableware. 


Plays well with others

One of the attractions of blue and white is the ease and beauty of pairing it with other colors. Yellow, for example, really makes blue and white sing!

Blue and orange are complements on the color wheel, so orange is a natural third color to set off blue and white.

For real pizzazz, try pinks–especially hot pink– with your blue and white combination!


Staying power

You don’t have to worry about blue and white being a fad. It’s a combination that never goes out of style. So you know if you choose blue and white for your decor, you will always, always be able to find new and exciting pieces. From pitchers and pillows to orbs and ornaments, blue and white holds endless decorating possibilities. 

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