Compliment-Worthy Coffee Tables

Compliment-Worthy Coffee Tables

It’s true that the coffee table is such a-–practical–piece of furniture, being the foot prop, the remote spot, and such. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, as well. Think of the humble coffee table as not only your drink’s landing zone, but also an opportunity to make a style statement. 

How do I choose a coffee table?

One consideration, and probably the first, will be SIZE. You’ll want a table that is proportionate to the dimensions of your room and compatible with the size of your furniture. A dinky little table adrift in a large space is all wrong. For a large room with large scale furniture, you want a coffee table with presence

On the other hand, a too-large table in a small space will crowd the room and throw it off balance (not to mention create a shin-banging hazard)! Smaller space + smaller scale furniture=smaller coffee table. Stylist tip for a small space: a coffee table with legs, especially thin legs (or a metal cage) takes up less visual space than a drum style.

Note a decor trend that has lately gained traction: a chair grouping around a coffee table in a living room or family room. Facing chairs are great for conversations, and the coffee table serves everyone as a place to set drinks and snacks. A club chair lends itself to this arrangement, as does a barrel-back chair or swivel chair. A round coffee table works especially well for this configuration. No sofa required!

A second consideration when making your coffee table choice is, of course, STYLE. We’ve come a long way from the days of the ubiquitous rectangle coffee table in either walnut or Early American finish. The sky is the limit in coffee table choices!

From transitional to modern and farmhouse to industrial, there have never been more ways to express yourself with coffee table style.

The coffee table doesn’t even have to match your other furniture. To create interest, choose a table in a style or wood tone that contrasts with other pieces in the room. 

How do I decorate a coffee table?

Once you’ve made your coffee table purchase, you’ll have the fun of using its surface to display  decorative elements. (Don’t worry, you’ll still have room for the remote and your glass!)

Create a focal point in the center of your table with a floral centerpiece, a large bowl filled with orbs, and/or maybe a grouping of vases or candle holders. You might begin your grouping on a tray base or a stack of yes, large coffee table books. A piece of sculpture could be the perfect complement to your arrangement. 

Oh, and for that drink–don’t forget the coasters.

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