Decorating with Black

Decorating with Black


Who could deny the staying power of the color black? Its appeal is as old as civilization and as fresh as today. We all have some black items in our wardrobes (the Little Black Dress, the favorite yoga pants) that we find both stylish and useful. Black has limitless options–which is why you should use black as you decorate your home!




Black is classic


Black never goes out of style. (Yes, there was that unfortunate 1970’s colorful tuxedo interlude, but black remains the elegant classic!) You needn’t worry that black will quickly become outdated. And it works in both modern and traditional interiors.


Use black furniture  items in your home as anchor pieces and build your decor around them–you can hardly go wrong because black complements every color. 




Or, if you just want a touch of black, simply work in some black accents. Remember that black delivers a strong visual impact and directs the eye to the contrast it creates, so be sure to balance black touches throughout the room. 


Bring in some black with, for example, furniture bases, mirrors and artwork, vases, lamps, light fixtures, candleholders, and pillows.




Want to go easy on color? For a serene and timeless room, black is the perfect pairing with neutrals and wood tones.




Black is dramatic


But then, if you want to add pizzazz to your interiors, black is up to the task–it really has the power to amp up the style factor. Think of the graphic punch of a black accent wall in a room, for example. Because black makes such a strong statement, you don’t want to overdo it. Using Black 101: take it easy! 




Black is both earthy and elegant


One of the star features of black is how you can dress it up or down. Just like with your Little Black Dress, the accessories give you the look your going for.



Paired with gold or brass, black has a sophisticated presence. With wood finishes and greenery, it can  take on a modern organic look. And with whitewashed wood and antique pieces–well, we’re talking classic farmhouse design.

Whatever home style you gravitate toward, you’re sure to find black a classy partner in creating a decor that fits you and your life. Needing help bringing about your vision? Look no further than the helpful and  knowledgeable associates at our Ridge Road store in Rockwall. Or shop our stunning black furniture and accessories 24/7 at

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