Home Decor Trending Now

Home Decor Trending Now

We’ve had some extended time in our homes over the past couple of years (sometimes more than we wanted)! We’ve had lots of opportunity to observe how we use our homes and we’ve had a close look at our current style. Now we may be thinking of making some changes in 2022. To find out what’s trending in home decor, let’s put our finger on the pulse and see what the industry is saying.


Experts say we’re increasingly disenchanted with cold, all-white interiors and are craving the excitement of color. This desire for more color in our homes is finding expression in bolder paint colors, colored tile, furnishings and decorative accessories. Are you thinking of injecting some brighter color into your scheme?



New neutrals

Gray is still a popular choice for a great neutral, but we’re definitely seeing neutrals warming up. Golden undertones are gaining ground on cooler neutrals like gray. If you have shopped for paint or home decor lately, you’re seeing many more shades of beige and tan.




This move toward warmer neutrals introduces a new interest in brown tones–and leather! Leather seating is classic, of course, but have you considered luxe leather pillows? Hmmm




Texture and nature connection

According to design leaders, our need for comfort In a post-pandemic year expresses itself in a desire for soft, touchable fabrics as well as a connection with nature.



So textural cotton, linen and wool fabrics are increasingly popular, as are organic items made of natural materials such as wood, clay, and stone.


We would also have to include woven grasses, like rush, wicker and rattan as materials enjoying a revival in popularity.



Green everywhere


Another huge trend in 2022 is an obsession with all things green! Green in all its tints and tones is a universally soothing color that is the current darling of the design world. If you’re hoping to mix some greens into your interiors this year (vases! chairs! accents!), you won’t have to look far.



But wait, there’s more!


Wondering what else is trending in home style in 2022? Check back soon for more comments!


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