Hot Trend: Neutral Decor

If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decor, nothing will tempt you away from red and green decorations. A young modern may gravitate toward vibrant mid-mod colors of chartreuse, magenta and electric blue. Others may prefer a monochromatic scheme: all blue, or white, or gold. We each have our favorites.

But one of the most exciting winter decor trends we’ve seen lately is the use of neutrals--a lot of wood and other natural materials, greenery, whites, and just a touch of something shiny! Have you discovered this option? Especially the way it can transition so easily beyond Christmas into the rest of the winter season?

Deer me! Woodland themes are certainly popular just now.  Maybe because we’re craving a nature-oriented retreat from all the technology that connects us during quarantines.  Maybe because of the current Scandinavian influences on home decor. Whatever the reason, shades of white and cream paired with evergreens and natural-stained wood are definitely showing up on the winter holiday decor radar just now.

Certainly, the Scandinavian drift is evident in items of faux fur, nubby textiles and tree bark, like our jaunty woodland Santa. Maybe you’d pull the woodland look into your home with faux fur pillows, wood slice chargers, and fir trees or garlands

And who said that old elf had to be robed in red, anyway? If you’re leaning toward a neutral theme, Santa in white and silver, along with bottle brush white trees and some white and gold faux-liage, can make a stunning Christmas vignette. White and silver elements bring to mind sunlight sparkling on a fresh snowfall, so keep these items on display throughout the winter!

A white wood-look Santa is just as jolly--especially when paired with sparkly items set around a reminder that the season is about JOY.  Are we seeing a theme here? White, wood, and sparkle? 

And greenery. Don’t forget the greenery. Mini pines in tiny pots, all tied up with natural twine, bring a bit of winter wonderland into any room, from the kitchen windowsill to a coffee table tray to the powder room vanity. 

Or consider using frosty fir trees to form a backdrop for an elegant metallic stag on your tabletop. Lovely, to be sure, and remember: these woodland-themed items don’t have to come down the day after Christmas. They can easily grace your home until the daffodils begin to pop out of their winter beds!

Similarly, metallic trees as well as mirrored and glittery decorations strike a festive note and easily transition into January. So, are you tempted to go neutral with your winter holiday decor this year?