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How to Create a Cozy Home

When you think “cozy”, does your imagination supply only images of firesides, chintz slipcovers, and teacups? Well, yes, that’s cozy. But if that’s all cozy is, how will those who don’t embrace a cottage vibe ever have a cozy home?

Fear not! A cozy, inviting home is not a particular decorating style. It’s the sense of welcome, warmth and comfort your home conveys, and today we’re going to explore some of the elements you can use to create a cozy home.

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• Cozy: a sense of comfort, relaxation, and ease

No matter if your design leans modern, boho, French country, traditional, coastal, or a combination of styles– when your family and guests feel relaxed and comfortable, you’re helping to achieve coziness.

A critical factor in comfort is seating. Are your sofas and chairs cushy but supportive? Can folks lean back and lounge, or must they sit up ramrod straight? Do even smaller scale pieces feel substantial so that the seated person feels confident and relaxed? All these seating considerations contribute to a sense of easy enjoyment of your home.

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And of course, you’ll want to add pillows and textures to the seating pieces to give extra comfort for all.

• Cozy: a vibe that’s inviting and promotes intimacy and friendship

A couple of things here. First, look around your public rooms at home: is all the seating pushed against the walls? The arrangement of your furniture goes a long way to promote a sense of “Come in! Join us!”

Instead of seating pieces lined up across the room from each other, arrange your furniture in groupings that foster sharing of conversation and activities. Some seating should face other seating, and a coffee table provides a landing spot for shared drinks or games.

Something that can help you here: a lovely plush rug is ideal for delineating a furniture grouping. (Tip: make sure it’s large enough that at least the front legs of all seating rest on the rug.)

coffee table

In addition, beckon friends or members of the household to cozy shared times around the table by setting up a dining and/or game table with comfy chairs. Why not take the “formal” out of a formal dining room? Or maybe create a gathering spot in a corner of your family room. Wouldn’t it be great to coax kids to come out of their rooms, put down their phones, and connect? An inviting arrangement can help.

dining table and chairs

• Cozy: Has a glow of warmth and welcome

Your lighting choices really influence the ambience in your home. For sure, if you have any fluorescent tubes anywhere but in your garage or workshop, ditch them immediately! Ceiling lights in general, even incandescent ones, can feel so cold and uninviting. Instead, create pockets of warm, welcoming light with lamps and pendants. Want family and friends to linger and talk? Nothing cozies up a reading or conversation corner like the soft glow of lamplight.

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Another tip: create a feeling of “welcome home” with delightful scents. Scented candles, wax melts, or diffusers contribute to your home’s cozy atmosphere as soon as you step in the door.

• Cozy: personal and collected over time


Your home welcomes others when it’s a genuine expression of you. Artful display of the things you love gives your home personality and warmth. Arrange your collections and decorative objects with an eye for how your family and guests see them. Need help? Call on our design services! And see our cozy collections at our Ridge Road store in Rockwall, or shop online 24/7 at mintjulepdecor.com.

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