Is Your Home Holiday Guest-Ready?

Is Your Home Holiday Guest-Ready?

It’s the time of year for family gatherings and holiday company: is your home ready to receive guests? The clock is ticking, so let’s take inventory!

Ample seating

When family and friends arrive to watch the game or exchange gifts, of course you’ll want a place for everyone to sit. Have you been thinking that your threadbare sofa has reached its expiration date? Preparing for company is a great reason to treat yourself to fresh family room seating. Whether a three-seater or a sectional, a new sofa can change the whole feeling of a room. (Not sure how to pull it all together? Ask at our Ridge Road store about design services!)

Speaking of seating, a welcome trend in the seating market is a resurgence of swivel chairs! For maximum seating flexibility, swivel chairs can’t be beat. You and your guests can turn toward conversation, snacks, table games, or tv watching-–and back again! It may be time to complement your new sofa with some new chairs. And a few accent chairs are oh-so-versatile for pulling up to the table or extra seating in the family room or bedrooms.

Destination: dining

Gathering around the table for meals is a hallmark of the holiday season. Nothing says hospitality like a table full of food. If your dining set is not the right size or has seen one too many burns, water rings, or repairs, consider replacing it before guests arrive. Remember that the days of buying a dining “set” are over. Now you can put together the exact look you want by choosing dining table and chairs separately. 

We love a round table, too, for its magical ability to always squeeze one more person in. Before or after meals, a round table is great for games and puzzles.

Console yourself

An invaluable piece of furniture anytime (but especially when entertaining guests) is the console. Doors hide dishes, glassware, placemats, napkins, and serving pieces close to where they’re used. And you can beautifully serve desserts or snacks from the top surface.

In other rooms, consoles hide gaming paraphernalia, board games, cards and photo albums in an out-of-the-way spot that’s easily accessible when family and friends come.

Welcome overnighters 

Before the holidays, view your guest room as a guest would.  If that hand-me-down bedroom suite is on its last gasp, do your guests the favor of new beds that will look great all year long. 

Must-haves for guest room:

-good mattress

-chest with some empty drawers

-bench for shoe removal and/or suitcase

-nice bedding and extra pillows

-soft rug

-extra towels


-wifi password

-basket of “oops, I forgot…” travel size items

-bottles of water and snacks

If you have the space, a small sitting or reading area is wonderful for guests so they can retreat to the guest room if they feel like it.

You still have time to get your home guest-ready before the holidays! Come by our Ridge Road store in Rockwall for inspiration and design help. Or shop 24/7 at Ask about 0% interest for 18 months! We ship nationwide!

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