Living Room Elegance: Start with the Rug

Living Room Elegance: Start with the Rug

If you’ve been following here for a while, you recognize the distinctives of Mint Julep style: Southern charm, elegance, and comfort. We’re going to set aside some space to explore how that might play out in YOUR home, room by room. So come along, look, learn and be inspired!

The living room is the heart of the home, where style meets function. It’s a room that needs to be ready for family game night as well as grown ups’ gatherings. How to begin thinking about living room style? We think you should start with the rug.

Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Rug

The rug is a key decorative piece that helps set the tone for the entire room. It can be the foundation of your living room decor.

The first consideration is size. Make sure the area rug you choose is large enough for at least the front feet of your furniture grouping to rest on it. If the room is large, use more than one rug to define areas. Coordinate the rugs by pattern or colors to link them together.

Secondly, consider color. Typically, most of your room (walls and the largest furniture) will be one color range. Your rug might feature the secondary color you’d like to incorporate, or possibly the combination of colors you’re using in the room.

Lastly, decide about pattern. If you have patterned walls or print upholstery, a subdued pattern is best. If you have mostly solid colors in the room, you might enjoy the punch of pattern to kick things up a notch!

Step 2: Adding a Coffee Table

A coffee table is indispensable in your living room. While practical for feet, remotes, and drinks, it also contributes to your room’s style statement.

Like your rug, size is the primary consideration. You want a table proportionate to the dimensions of your room and compatible with the size of your furniture. Don’t set a dinky little coffee table adrift in a large space. Instead, choose a coffee table with presence. 

We’ve outgrown matched suites of living room furniture. You get to choose whether the coffee table matches your other furniture. You might, for interest, choose a table in a style or wood tone that contrasts with other pieces in the room. 

Then, have fun styling your coffee table with trays, sculpture, books, plants and decorative items. (And maybe a dish or box for that remote.)

Step 3: Lighting

We’re all for mood lighting, but that doesn’t mean having family or friends stumbling around in the dark. It’s important to design a well-lit living room (“well-lit”: meaning both sufficient and stylish.)

Initially, establish your ambient, or overall lighting, with either recessed, dimmable lights, or a dramatic overhead fixture.

Then, layer in task lighting, such as table or floor lamps for reading or games. Finally, add accent lighting to focus light on specific features of your living room–a pair of lamps flanking a console, for example, or highlighting a painting or bookshelf.

Step 4: Seating Arrangements

Select and arrange your sofa(s) and chairs for optimal comfort and conversation. (For both tv watching and conversation, one of the new swivel chairs is a perfect addition to your living room.) Comfort and elegance are key in Mint Julep’s furniture collection, which features leather, neutral woven, and velvet upholstery. Just pick your style–from modern, California casual, traditional, French country, and more.


Accent chairs and ottomans are the final furniture selections. Mix in an accent color or pull in a print

Step 5: Accessories

Finally, add your final touches with pillows, throws, and artwork.

These accessories bring personality and warmth. Bring your unique style to the living room using, for example

And remember, if you need assistance bringing your living room vision to life, our friendly and knowledgeable associates on Ridge Road in Rockwall are there for you. The Mint Julep also offers Design Services.
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