Making Magic Metallics

Making Magic Metallics

Just as a nice outfit turns into a great outfit with the right accessories, an “ok” room becomes a “wow” room with the artful addition of…METALLICS!


With a light touch

One thing you need to know, though: the key to using metallics in your home is restraint. To continue the fashion metaphor, designer icon Coco Chanel summarized the principle of restraint when she reportedly said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one accessory off.”

Metallics are the jewelry for your rooms, not the entire outfit. They add warmth and sophistication to your spaces.So how can you sparingly and tastefully bring in metallic elements to elevate your home’s interiors? Glad you asked!




Get a luxe look when you choose metallic bases on furniture pieces like consoles, cabinets, or occasional chairs. (Ooh, mod black leather? Yes, please!)

Very subtle metallic touches might include brass, gold, silver or nickel hardware on built-in or freestanding cabinetry.

Style options abound when it comes to metal accent tables. Whatever your decor, you’re sure to find a metal table that complements..


(Of course, you wouldn’t use multiple metal side tables, or use them in every room. But a glint of reflective surface here or there is just right.)

The majority of surfaces in your room will be wood, paint, and fabric–walls, floor, furniture, rugs, upholstery and window coverings. Metallic accent pieces should be just that: accents to the other textures.  

A bar cart or serving cart is a way to work in just a bit of metal. 




Whether bright and brassy or the distressed kind of classy, metallic light fixtures are the perfect opportunity to glitz up your rooms. AND the light they provide reflects off your metallic decorative elements, for extra style points!

And don’t be afraid to mix metals! It’s one key to having that collected-over-time look in your home. One designer suggested that items on the same eye level have the same or similar metal finish so that the results don’t look too random. So, for example, your ceiling fixtures might all be brass, but your cabinet hardware could be polished nickel. 

Metallic table lamps and floor lamps add warm glow and serve as decorative accents, as well. They’re perfect for adding polished finishes to your design.



Wanting a very subtle touch of metal? Even a splash of gold on your lamp shade can add drama and sophistication.



If you’re seeking to bring additional light and sparkle to your rooms, look no further than mirrors– especially those French inspired, gold framed wall and floor mirrors! From foyer to family room, they add ooh-la-la to any space! Not a fan of a vintage look? Instead choose a modern shape and style mirror in any metal finish.

Wall art

A metallic wall would be just a bit too much. But art, like mirrors, can work its metallic magic for your walls. Consider large metal art pieces or foil-accented canvases when selecting artwork. Again, not for everywhere–just where you need a gleam of reflected light, and always balanced by wood, paint, or fabric surfaces.



But wait, there’s more!

We have so many ideas about incorporating beautiful metallics in your decor, we need a Part 2. So check back for more inspiration next time! In the meantime, see lots of gorgeous metal and metal-accent pieces in our Ridge Road store in Rockwall, or browse our online goods 24/7 at

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