More Metallics

More Metallics

A few weeks ago we looked at ways to tastefully bring the magic of metallics to your interiors with furniture, lighting, mirrors and wall art. Used with subtlety and restraint, metallic accents are the jewelry of any home. We had more ideas than space, so let’s revisit how touches of metallics can add sparkle and sophistication to your rooms!



The kitchen doesn’t usually feel like a space where you’d have much metal going on, except for maybe your brass, nickel or chrome cabinet hardware. So where else could you add the gleam of metal in your kitchen and dining spaces? 

Kitchen bling

A “golden” opportunity awaits when it comes to metal finishes in your kitchen and dining areas. Stainless steel paper towel holders are useful, of course, but why not take paper towels to the next level with a gold-trimmed holder? Because beautiful things bring joy. Ditto everyday snacks served on a gold and agate cake stand.


Table settings

Jazz up your dining! Simply using gold chargers under your plates injects sparkle at your table to play against the ceramic, wood and fabric elements. If chargers are too much for you, try something like gold-veined salad plates layered with your white place settings. Remember, just a little gold–you’re not reproducing King Midas’ feast.




Don’t put away your glitzy pieces after your New Year’s party! When planning a February gathering, add in some metal  serving pieces to reflect light and help dispel winter gloom. Serve your guests from a metal-accented ice bucket and barware. Ditch cork or cardboard coasters in favor of rich gold-rimmed coasters (furniture protection never looked so good). 



And then of course, there are dreamy metallic bowls, tiered trays, and gold-rimmed serving boards that will elevate any social event. (Copper! Have you considered copper? It looks especially great with warm colors and earth-toned interiors.) 

Family rooms and bedrooms

Just a touch of metal can brighten any corner of your home. A grouping of gleaming metal planters does it. LIkewise a metallic basket chairside for cozy throws or magazines. Or some luxe lanterns on a table, hearth, or chest.




Decorative accessories

You can really have some fun adding in metallic touches with your decorative accessories. Rather than clustering all your metallic finishes in one spot, get more of a designer look by balancing reflective surfaces around your rooms. From clocks to candle holders



bookends to bottles



frames to foiled pillows


and spheres to sculptures,



you have thousands of choices when it comes to incorporating some metallic sass and class throughout your home!



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