Natural and Light Wood Finishes

Natural and Light Wood Finishes

If speaking of light and natural wood finishes reminds you (not in a good way) of your 1980’s dining room furniture,

fear not! Although we hear 80’s trends are resurging, we’re not talking about THAT light wood furniture!

While it’s true that current interest in light and natural wood finishes may find expression today in modern, minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired wood furniture and cabinetry, we’re also seeing huge interest in styles that might be termed “rustic vogue”.   

These pieces appear “minimally processed”, without dark stains or shiny varnishes. Instead, they tend to  reflect an earthy, warm-toned aesthetic and casual feel. Part of their popularity today may be a reaction?--who knows?--away from technology-dominated culture and toward a more natural lifestyle. The evident grain and texture of a lightly finished wood piece seems to suggest a less industrialized world and an emphasis on artisanal crafts.

In addition, a certain ecological consciousness may also lie behind furniture making and finishes that are less impactful on the environment. Reclaimed lumber often plays a part in rustic style furniture crafting (see some of those pieces at The Mint Julep). 

Wanting to create layers of welcome and suggest an eco-friendly sanctuary? Light t woods readily complement a variety of natural materials: woven, nubby, and rattan materials, for example, that do just that.

Then, too, with social restrictions in recent times, we’re all eager for opportunities to gather around the table again with family and friends. Farmhouse style tables and bistro/cafe chairs, for example, seem to invite those kinds of interactions, don’t you think?

Maybe you like the look of light/ whitewashed/natural woods, but are concerned that you’d have to switch out all your furniture to accommodate it.  That’s where today’s eclectic vibe comes to your rescue--it’s quite trendy to mix both furniture finishes and styles. Light with dark wood? Modern with vintage? Yes, indeed!

When you look around your home, a light or rustic finish accent piece--console, bookcase, chest, or table--could be just what’s needed to infuse your interiors with a fresh, updated look.

In fact, any home is more appealing with a “collected-over-time” look.

We especially like how lovely the lighter finishes look with the very popular blue palette!

At The Mint Julep, vintage, rustic, classy casual style is our hallmark, and we invite our guests to browse our large collection of new pieces--many with a light, natural, or whitewashed finish--that have timeless appeal.
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