New Year Home Refresh

New Year Home Refresh

You’re packing up the holiday decorations and looking around at the now undecorated spaces. What you see may be provoking thoughts like…

“Hmmm, what if I moved THAT out and tried something new in that spot…?”

“When everyone was here for the holidays, we really could have used a bigger table…”

There’s nothing like the post-Christmas bare house to help you see your spaces with fresh eyes and imagine some changes. The new year is a great time for a home refresh! Today we’re sharing some tips for easy home transformations. (Check with our Mint Julep associates online or in-store for personalized design help!) 

Try some new lighting

One of the quickest and easiest ways to update your rooms is by changing out your lighting. More detail on that here. A new chandelier in your dining room, for example

 or new pendants over your island can make you feel like you’ve had a remodel!


Not to mention the fresh look of a new pair of table lamps in your main living area or bedroom.


Rethink your dining room

Dining rooms are making a comeback! It’s no longer that orphan room that gets used once or twice a year, according to designers. After the pandemic, they say folks are seeking meaning in the everyday, such as in sharing a meal together. And dining tables are valuable real estate for a multitude of family uses besides family meals and socializing with friends: homework station, game center, and work-from-home desk. (By the way, a console is a great place to stow items when your table is multitasking.) 


But about that dining table! As you rethink your spaces and your family dynamic, maybe a new size or shape of table would better suit your home and family members.


A round table is so very versatile! You can easily pull in an extra couple of chairs, and the round shape is great for getting everyone interacting. AND it fits well even in smaller rooms–no sharp angles to navigate around.


A rectangular table, whether pedestal base, trestle, or 4 legged style, also has a lot of possibilities for transforming your dining area. Maybe it’s time to ditch that hand-me-down dining set and inject some up-to- date style with a new table and dining chairs!

Bring in new seating

Looking around your main living area, you may suddenly realize your seating has passed its freshness date. Do you need to donate that well-loved sectional and try a new sofa in, say, a new color or new upholstery?


Of course, one way to get more mileage out of your current seating is to try to rearrange your pieces into a new configuration that flows better. Ask a friend over to help you think it through (and move furniture!) You might find that a slimmer silhouette sofa actually gives you more living room in your living room! And definitely more style points!

While you’re at it, try out a pair of club chairs or accent chairs in your arrangement. These chairs can easily be moved around to accommodate smaller or larger groups of guests. (They’re also great bedroom reading chairs.) A mod style or pop of color could really wake up your decor.


Live large with large artwork

Timid, too-small art can make your home look cluttered and underwhelming. Go big or go home when it comes to paintings and wall art! Large artwork has more visual impact and helps to pull together elements in your room.



Got some new ideas for your home for the new year? Stop by our Ridge Road store in Rockwall and get inspired by our fabulous lines of furniture, lighting and accessories! Or shop 24/7 at!

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