Say Yes to Succulents & Greenery

Say Yes to Succulents & Greenery

Hooray for the gardeners of the world--and plant nurseries--who fill our lives with so much natural beauty in the form of fresh flowers and potted plants! Long may you dig!

For those of us who have neither a green thumb nor an unlimited plant budget, there’s still hope for bringing the fresh look of nature indoors--in the form of faux greenery and succulents.

The wonderful thing about good quality faux-liage is that it’s nearly indistinguishable from real. And oh, the versatility! So here’s the dirt on decorating with faux plants (well, actually, no dirt required)!


Simply tuck a few stems in your tiered tray among your other small decorative accents for that pop of color and bit of nature.



We’re also loving the look of succulents displayed in tall apothecary jars and under glass cloches for a new take on a no-fuss terrarium. 



And what could be prettier than lovely green foliage as filler surrounding a flameless candle in your favorite lantern or birdcage


Faux-liage is the perfect complement for your dining table decor. Consider a green wreath as a charger for your dinner plates. A dough bowl filled with a variety of succulents makes a sweet centerpiece. 

Then, too, placing greenery and succulent stems among your other elements (vases of flowers, candlesticks, bowls) like a runner is another beautiful and imaginative use.



When creating a tabletop vignette, always include some natural element, like a moss or boxwood ball in a tray.  What about a ring of eucalyptus to ground your other items? 



Of course, the wreath is also a great look for your front door to welcome your guests, or hanging from the doors of a console or bookcase. 


There’s no better time than summer to add the beauty of plant life to your home--especially if you can accomplish it without sweating in the garden! At The Mint Julep, we have ideas, and we’re happy to share!

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