Sensational Centerpieces

Sensational Centerpieces

What could be more welcoming to your guests than a beautiful table? And what creates a beautiful table like a stunning centerpiece? Today let’s explore some elements that make a sensational centerpiece.

We say “centerpiece”--singular–as if it consists of a single item. And it certainly could be, as in one spectacular floral arrangement. 

But you have many more options for making your centerpiece the center of attention at your next dinner party. When bringing together the elements you’d like to feature, consider the idea of “florals plus”.

Start with stunning FLORALS. (And don’t forget that florals can look like fresh even when they’re not. Shop our collection of real touch floral stems and custom arrangements for centerpieces that will star on your table for years to come!) 

Next, add the PLUS.  Here are some examples:

Florals plus candleholders

And florals plus lanterns



Maybe florals plus greenery


You might try combining florals with orbs in a variety of materials


Even florals plus add-ons like word art can make a sensational grouping.


Consider the possibilities of florals plus ceramics or glass


As you plan your table, shop your home and see what coordinating pieces you can bring together for a creative centerpiece. We’ll give you some guidance next time when we look at the principles of UNITY and VARIETY in your centerpieces. So check back here!

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