Spring into Summer with these Spring Decor Must-Haves

The earth is greening up, the flowers are blooming, the air is warming. Even in the midst of some challenges right now, we feel the optimism that spring brings.

While we’ve been at home (a lot!) we’ve had opportunity to cast a critical eye around our spaces and note where a little spring renewal would be a good thing.


Out with the dark days of winter and in with sunlight and nature! Sunlight is a real mood lifter, you know--and who doesn’t need that right now? Reflective surfaces catch the light and cast it around your rooms, so be sure to incorporate items that help to do that. For example, these distressed window-pane mirrors and the pretty etched mercury glass vase and containers. Ditto the large glass vase. Its irregular surface bounces the light in all directions (not to mention its sea glass color helps us think of beachy days ahead!)


Speaking of light, a well-placed lantern is another great item to use for a spring refresh in your space. On your entry table? Great idea! A pair on a mantel or buffet? (psst--choose two sizes) Excellent! The new flameless candles give all the ambience without any of the worry. And don’t limit yourself to candles when styling lanterns. Fill with greenery and fruit and floral sit-arounds, too. Choose your finish to highlight your décor: beaded, distressed metal, a raw wood finish—these and so many other options are available. You might also try working some lanterns into your deck refresh for spring. Mount them on wall-hung shelves or corbels. Or group them on dining or side tables outdoors.


And of course, the Number 1 must-have for an indoor spring refresh is flowers. On the kitchen counter, the dining table, your work-from-home desk, the coffee table, or a bedside chest—there’s not a spot in your home that wouldn’t be brightened with the touch of nature that flowers bring. Now, fresh flowers are hard to beat, but there is the perpetual replacement cost and care. However, makers of faux flowers and greenery are becoming so skilled at duplicating the look and feel of fresh that it’s often hard to tell the difference! Big blowsy peonies in a wire basket are amazing. Cheery tulips in a favorite vase or a mixed pot of anemones with greenery—what’s your favorite? A little vase of your favorite flowers will brighten a bookcase or bathroom counter or add a happy, welcoming note to a guest bedroom. Floral arrangements large or small are essential to your décor, both for their notes of color and texture, and for their ability to bring the outdoors in.  After so many weeks at home, we’re all overdue some beauty and a renewed connection with nature.

Inspired to rearrange, re-imagine and refresh your interiors for sunny days ahead? Let’s do it!