Tips for Boho Chic Decor

Tips for Boho Chic Decor

It’s almost a contradiction to say, “Let me give you the rules for boho chic design”---because there really aren’t any rules! It is boho, after all!

Having said that, boho (bohemian) home style is recognizable, so what elements visually set it apart? 

Free-spirited, colorful and eclectic

The term “Bohemian” has always meant a way of life different from typical expectations. The reason you can’t quite put your finger on boho style is that it’s so freely interpreted. There’s a good bit of je ne sais quoi about boho. It’s a carefree, colorful mashup of things that appeal to you and relate to your life, tastes and travels.

Global and natural influences

One thing that comes across in boho style is that it borrows from many cultures. In a boho room, you might see a Middle Eastern rug, South American textiles, and Asian pottery in a happy mix. A boho setting provides the perfect way to use and display curios collected on world travels!

You’ll also note the role of natural elements in a boho setting: wood, wicker, caning and basketry all find a welcome when your taste leans bohemian.

Cozy, comfortable, layered, textured

Boho style is liveable and welcoming. Nothing seems too precious to be used. You’ll find artisanal objects, layers of textiles and comfy seating, as well as mixed metals and mixed patterns.


Plants, plants, plants

One constant in boho decor is the presence of plants, which is part of a natural and organic approach to life. If you don’t have luck with live plants, you can always get the look (though not the air purifying benefit) of real plants with realistic faux-liage. Or, for that matter, with leafy fabrics, like tropical prints! 

These, of course, are simply guidelines–boho chic style is happily unstructured and uninhibited! So if you’re ready to let your artful, free-spirited self reign in your decor, drop by The Mint Julep on Ridge Road in Rockwall and browse our inspiring collections. Or shop 4/7 at

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