Tree Decorating: Must Have Picks and Sprays

Tree Decorating: Must Have Picks and Sprays

Just like home decor trends, seasonal decorating also has its trends. And the Christmas tree is no exception. In the past we’ve seen aluminum trees and tinsel-draped trees hung with Shiny Bright ornaments. At some time we’ve probably all strung trees with cranberry and popcorn and festooned them with deep swags of bushy garland and salt dough ornaments!

Today’s sought-after Christmas tree look is extravagant and over-the-top, a look that features oversized ornaments and–especially–floral picks and sprays to give that decorator finish.

Nothing will take your tree to the next level like sprays, stems and picks, both as your topper and for that requisite fullness throughout the tree. The Mint Julep has a huge line of florals and picks to choose from! Need some recommendations?

For whimsy and sparkle you might like sprays of balls, curls, candy and snowballs




For fanciful, glittery takes on nature, you might choose floral, leaf, berry and twig sprays like…





Cluster your picks and/or combine a variety of your selections for big impact!

Once you’ve chosen the right scale of tree for your space and ceiling height (and checked your lights!), you’re ready for the fun of assembling a tree that dreams are made of. 

It may seem counter-intuitive, but when decorating your tree, you want to start with your topper. While angels and stars are classics, the newest fashion in tree toppers is an exuberant cluster of sprays–some combo of those glittery florals, tassels, curlicues, leaves or twigs, as mentioned–all reflecting your colors and tree theme.

Start with a single large stem pushed from the top down along your center post. Then insert several smaller stems around it at the top of the tree, fastening each to the branches. You can also make clusters of two or three of your sprays for added fullness. Fluff and spread the sprays, pointing them out from the tree.

Then you’re ready to insert the rest of your themed stems into the tree, filling in all around the tree with single sprays. This really gives it that decorator touch.

At last, you’re ready to fill in the final areas with ornaments, starting with large and finishing with smaller ones.  The trend is for jumbo ornaments and covering the tree completely, so go big or go home! Vary your ornament sizes, shapes, and textures for added interest.

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