What's Your Holiday Style?

What's Your Holiday Style?

You have the holiday tubs down from the attic, but you’re not sure where to begin. Here’s an important question before you dig into the boxes: Do you know your holiday decorating style? 

When you prep your house for the holidays, do you work from a color scheme? Or do you establish a theme first? Maybe you’ve accumulated your decorations over the years from here and there, so you’re not sure what you have or how it fits. A first step would be to try to find your style, so let’s look at some of our holiday console arrangements to identify trends that appeal to you.

Traditionalist: red, green and white

If the question “Name Christmas colors” came up on Family Feud, you’d sweep the board by guessing “red and green”! An elegant mirror over this console reflects a classic arrangement of traditional colors and objects: evergreen trees, reindeer, and candles. Are you the traditionalist who can’t have the holidays without red and green? There are many different expressions of that color scheme.

What we love: the variety of texture in the trees makes the grouping so much more interesting. And those red velvet geometric trees? Yes, please!

Purist: pure white

Thinking a single color would be boring? Au contraire! How stunning is this console grouping of all white elements? White trees bookend this lovely arrangement that creates interest with a contrast of textures–soft and hard, matte and shiny. And the sparkle from a touch of silver pulls it all together. Does an all white scheme sing to you?

What we love: those white feather cone trees!

Naturalist: wood, white, and greenery

Like a winter’s day in a snowy forest, this console arrangement features wood, white and evergreen branches.  The stylized whitewashed pine trees artistically mimic the realistic pines behind. And the white stags–well, they just make it. Does a more nature-inspired approach appeal to you?

What we love: the expansive mirror behind this vignette doubles the visual impact.

Glam: sparkle and shine

Are you that one who can’t get enough sparkle? Bring on the silver and gold and glitter! In this arrangement, silver and gold pine trees are interspersed with mercury glass tree toppers. When you survey your decorations, do you see lots of sparkling items? How could you maximize those pieces?

What we love: simple and beautiful winter decorations that last through January.

Whimsical: Santas, gnomes, all of it

If an arrangement like this one tickles your fancy, you’re all about the whimsy of the holidays: Santas, elves, gnomes, snowmen, reindeer, pine trees, gingerbread–the more the merrier! The fanciful theme of this grouping (and a dash of red) gives it unity. Differing heights and shapes lends variety. You may have the makings of a grouping like this already in your decorations.

What we love: the extravagant glitter ball garland framing the mirror!

Modern: streamlined and classy

You know who you are: you gravitate to clean lines and a hefty dose of black. If you think there’s not a holiday style out there for you, think again. Use your modern serving pieces (lanterns, trays, vases, candlesticks) and accent with a single bold color, like this rich green (we used large glitter ornaments as orbs). Just add some glitz from a metallic finish and voila! As mod as you could wish. (A variation: use several non-traditional bright colors like magenta, turquoise, and lime green!)

What we love: a bowl or tray of orbs brings instant style in any season!

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