"Zhuzhing" with Versatile Decorating Pieces

"Zhuzhing" with Versatile Decorating Pieces


Here’s your word for the day: zhuzh. It’s a fairly new word that’s become popular and it means “make something more lively and interesting, stylish, or appealing, as by a small change or addition.” 

When it comes to home decor, what items can you use to zhuzh up your interiors? We have some recommendations for you of versatile items for just that purpose!
Tiered Trays


News flash: tiered trays are not just for cupcakes!  Of course, you can serve your favorite party foods using tiered trays, but they have unlimited decor potential besides.  Simply layer up collections of faux fruit or plants (including succulents), small scale crockery, word art, seasonal figures--you name it.  Pick your decorative items based on the room where you intend to display your tray--dining room centerpiece, part of a coffee table grouping, or maybe your kitchen island. Even on your bath vanity! Use a tiered tray to set out soaps, scents and linens.  Lots of versatility!

Floral and greenery orbs 


You’ll also discover a quick decorating pick-me-up in floral or greenery orbs.  These adaptable pieces can be arranged in a bowl or tray, set about on a table top, perched on candlesticks, or displayed under glass cloches. Looking to zhuzh up your vignettes? Try orbs and half orbs.

Glass cloches


Cloches aren’t just for keeping your cheese fresh! Displaying any item under a glass dome instantly elevates it into an objet d’art. For example, those orbs we mentioned--or real little potted plants (terrarium, anyone?).  Figurines,antique timepieces, small framed photos--all those little things that, when scattered about, contribute to visual clutter. But when showcased by a cloche, they become something to be looked at closely and admired. To zhuzh up a bookcase, for example, set a cloche on top of a stack of books.  

 Cake stands 


Another way to zhuzh your displays is to use cake stands as risers.  Differing heights in a grouping always add to the visual appeal and cake stands are a simple way to achieve that. Or if you’d just like to highlight a particular decorative item, set it on a cake stand for instant heightened presence (pun intended).

Bread boards

And of course, if you don’t need height but just want to accent a decorative piece, bread boards for the win!  Sure, we know all about the charcuterie use, but look how cute either by itself or for showing off or grouping attractive items. Tip: layer several standing bread boards against the kitchen backsplash.


Finally, one of the most versatile decorative accessories, candlesticks add a certain something to every tableau. Whether blingy or rustic, modern or old world, they add style and height to your groupings on mantel and table top. And of course, now that we have flameless flickering candles, you never need to worry about dripping wax or fire. (Don’t forget displaying orbs atop candlesticks, too!)

We hope you’re inspired to zhuzh up your home with some of these versatile decorative items!  Stop by our Rockwall store on Ridge Road for more inspiration, or browse the offerings in our online store.


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