New Ways with Gray

New Ways with Gray

On the home décor scene, it’s no secret that colorways cycle. The design forecasters put their finger on the pulse and inform us that teal (or navy or yellow or…) is trending, and sure enough, that’s what we see in paint colors, furniture and home accessories in the seasons ahead. 

So now everyone is asking: what about gray, which has been dominant in home design since the 2010’s? Is gray still a thing–or is it time to call the undertaker?

First of all, no color ever completely goes away. Gray is a great neutral and a perfect background or focus color, both for accent furniture pieces and accessories.

But there’s evidence that gray is moving out of its prominence as THE only color for walls, cabinetry, and home goods now. We are definitely seeing a swing toward warmer neutrals and also toward more color (particularly for cabinetry–think blues and greens instead of grays). 

One designer says she likes gray better since it's not the ONLY option! 

Whatever you do, don’t settle for a flat, featureless gray! Consider instead some “fresh ways with gray”. Here are a couple of approaches to try.

Warm it up

For more staying power, when choosing gray for a background choose a warmer shade of gray–that is, a shade has more yellow or red/pink undertones (as opposed to blue or purple undertones). You’ll see the difference when comparing paint chips.

Use creamy and beige neutrals with your grays to keep the look warmer and more current. Gray pillows on a creamy upholstery, maybe. 

Natural tones help to update grays. Golden brown leather looks especially good with gray.

Pull in other warm naturals such as straw, rattan, and wood tones to star opposite gray. Textural materials will give gray dimension.

Likewise, complement your grays with warm tones like peach and pink.

 Make it pop

Using a striking accent with gray is another way to bring out its best qualities.  Navy accents in particular can really make gray sing! 

So relax–you don’t have to go out today and replace all your gray.  You can freshen up your gray palette with some new accessories and enjoy gray in your home for years to come.

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