Setting a Fabulous Fall Tablescape

Setting a Fabulous Fall Tablescape

The holidays are all about traditions. But here’s one we’re giving you permission to break: eating your Thanksgiving meal on paper plates in front of the tv!

After a couple of sad years of NOT being able to gather, let’s celebrate togetherness by defying the tv tradition. Instead, purpose to set the table for a Thanksgiving family–or Friendsgiving–meal with your pretty dishes. What are we saving the nice things for, anyway? Got a dishwasher? Well, then.


(Don’t worry about the nice things and little kids. Just cover a separate kid-size table with butcher paper, provide crayons and serve them on festive paper plates. If the “nice” table becomes a family tradition, they’ll look forward to graduating to the grownups’ table.)

Reconnect and tell family stories while enjoying a tasty meal together! Order your dinner catered, if necessary, to make sure you’re not in the kitchen while all the fun is happening around the table!



A festive table runner is a good base for your decorations. And we love this reversible one that celebrates Thanksgiving, then flips for Christmas!

If you’re going more glam with your table, a gold foil print runner would make a stunning start for an elegant table setting.


When you plan your centerpiece, pumpkins are always appropriate! Just remember to keep your decor low enough to encourage conversation across the table.




But then, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to make a big statement with your fall florals! Go ahead and enjoy the effect, and then set your arrangement off onto a side table before the meal.



 At each place, get extra style points for placemats or  chargers.




Next, layer on your pretty ceramic or china plates.




Break out the creativity for your place setting. For fun, try a patterned and a plain plate together, or mix two complementary patterns.



Finish your place settings with a jaunty (or elegant) cloth napkin!


And by the way, seasonal serveware will beautifully complete your table.



Say, this sit-down Thanksgiving meal could be a game-changer. Go ahead and start a trend among your family and friends–imagine using your dining table for family meals and not just a landing zone for package delivery!



Let us help you imagine a beautiful holiday table! Stop by our Ridge Road store in Rockwall–our knowledgeable associates would love to assist you. Or shop 24/7 at
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