Using Black in Decor

Using Black in Decor

Just as every fashionista knows to incorporate a LBD (Little Black Dress) in her wardrobe, interior designers know the power of using classic, elegant black in décor.  


Black in decor has been around forever. It will never go out of style. We would say “You can’t go wrong with black” BUT you do have to know how to use it. Because black is dramatic and delivers a strong visual effect, you don’t want to overdo it. For example, rush-seated black chairs around a natural-finish wood table gives just the right amount of contrast to emphasize both the table AND the chairs. The effect would be lost if both the table AND chairs were black.


Black has the power to transform. Think of the graphic punch of a black accent wall in a room, for example. Even a black finish on a traditional furniture like this curvy chest gives it a bit of a modern edge. It reads both earthy and elegant, and helps the piece transcend style categories. 


The bold contrast provided by black pulls our eye to interesting features or focal points in a space, so you want to make sure that you use black in more than one spot. Balance touches of black around the room--with clocks, mirrors, and artwork. Also use black decorative accessories like vases and candleholders, as well as textiles like table linens, pillows and throws. Just a few, though, as an accent.  Don’t bring in black EVERYTHING.


Black plays nicely with bold colors--but it’s important to balance its visual heft with white. You can set a beautiful table with black accents, which is a look that’s especially trending paired with organic elements and natural and whitewashed wood. (Don’t forget the plant life! Faux greenery and real touch florals will deliver effortless texture, color, and style for years to come.)



Talk about a classic: black lamp shades and light fixtures are a sure way to amp up your style power and a perfect means for distributing black accents around your room.


Like the LBD in your closet, you can dress black accessories up or down.  Black mixes with both antiques and ultra modern interiors. From the bath to the kitchen to the dining or living room, where would some black accents bring a fresh and smart decorative touch to your home?

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