Stress-Free Holiday Hosting

Stress-Free Holiday Hosting

If months of social distancing have left you a tad rusty in the hosting department, never fear–we’re here to help! Maybe you’ve almost forgotten how to entertain guests for an evening or overnight. But just take this cue: simply remember what helps YOU enjoy a visit to someone else’s home–then create that atmosphere!

Adequate and comfy seating

No one wants to be the guest left standing with a snack plate in one hand and a drink in the other. Match the number of your guests to the seating you have, or consider supplementing the number of your dining chairs. A handy dining bench (that’s also great pulled up to the hearth) is another useful option for accommodating extras.



Now may be a good time to acquire some oh-so-versatile occasional chairs that you can move from room to room as needed–they’re perfect for chatting, game watching, or dining. 

In fact, we won’t judge if you use holiday hosting as the reason for replacing that sagging sofa with a fresh new sectional. (“Honey, we want it nice for our guests…!”) 

Serve up simple

Whatever you do, don’t stress over seasonal gatherings! Unless planning a formal dinner party is your kind of fun, we’re giving you permission to embrace the casual approach to entertaining.  Have you discovered charcuterie boards? Simply whip out those wood bread boards or marble trays, load them up with meats, cheeses, fruit, nuts, chocolate–whatever!--and set them out for your guests. Boom. Everyone will graze and you, the host, will actually get to visit with your friends.


Happy scents make sense

When preparing for party (or overnight) guests, clean is key, of course. But don’t forget the finishing touch of seasonal scents in your home. From the first subtle wafts of your favorite candle in the entry foyer to a discreet wax warmer in the powder room, a pleasant light scent in your home is always welcoming.


Now, about that overnight company…

The B&B mindset

What does a nice B&B offer guests? Well, of course a great bed, for starters. 

Think like a hotelier: set up your guest room for a five star rating. Invest in a good, supportive mattress–and as for the linens, well, go ahead and dress to impress. Always provide a nice chair for reading (or putting on shoes) and a throw or blanket for extra coziness and warmth.

A bench at the foot of the bed is the perfect landing zone for an open suitcase (or bed linens). And a small empty chest is so helpful for guests who like to unpack their suitcase.


Share your WIFI password with your guests, too. You don’t need a special sign–just empty a photo frame, insert a bit of scrapbook paper or cardstock and write on the glass with a dry erase marker.  

A lovely little floral or plant in the guest room is another thoughtful touch.  So is a mini coffee bar and mugs, in case your guests aren’t ready to socialize until they’ve had their cuppa.

Last of all, pamper your guests with plenty of fluffy towels and a collection of deliciously scented soaps and lotions, just like the best hotels. They will appreciate your loving preparation for their stay, especially if they forgot something in their toiletries. A scented candle is a nice touch, too.

As you prepare for hosting holiday guests, we think these tips will win you the “hostess with the mostest” award.  Stop in our Rockwall Mint Julep store on Ridge Road, browse our online collections, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest and Twitter for more ideas on fabulous holiday entertaining.
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