Refresh Your Kitchen with these Must-Haves

Refresh Your Kitchen with these Must-Haves

Maybe it was a side benefit of reconnecting with our homes during a year-plus of quarantine, but many of us have rediscovered (wait for it)--our kitchens!

Instead of frenetic schedules filled with dashing about, we slowed down and enjoyed meals together, often homemade (you can only do so much GrubHub, after all). For a great number of us, the kitchen has regained its place as the heart of the home, not just somewhere we grab a slice of pizza on our way to somewhere else. 

So now we’re looking around, thinking how we might keep that happy vibe going by cozying up our kitchen spaces a bit.  Here are a few ideas for you!


Storage and display cabinets

Along with home cooking, home baking is on the rise.  Sometimes you just need a little extra storage space for bakeware, serveware, and specialty ingredients.  Large or small, a furniture-type cabinet in or adjacent to the kitchen could be the answer.

Trays and cake stands

Trays, whether single or tiered, display and serve in style! Don’t skimp on these indispensable kitchen accents. They’re great both for every day and for special gatherings. Cake stands, as well, are oh-so-versatile for elevating not only your baked goods but your favorite decorative objects. 

Pretty pitchers

Ah, it’s so easy to justify a pitcher purchase for your kitchen refresh--they’re just pretty and functional. Lovely as display pieces, they also serve drinks to your family and guests, and even “pitch” in as flower vases. (So many beautiful shapes and designs, so little time…) 

Cookbook stands 

The word on the street is: a cookbook stand is one handy kitchen accessory! Whether your favorite recipes are accessed by printed book or electronic tablet, you’ll definitely appreciate a stand to mount your cookbook on, and you’ll help prevent accidental spills on it, as well.

New canisters 

OK, we’re giving you permission to update those old canisters in your kitchen with some fresh and smart-looking new ones!  Yes, canisters are super for often-used ingredients like flour and sugar. But being out there on your kitchen counter, they’re part of the details that help to convey your style. So ditch the Tupperware and grab some stunning new canisters.


Nothing amps up your presentation (and how much you enjoy your meal) like pretty serving pieces.  They aren’t just for special occasions--they create special occasions. Please, don’t save your nice things. Rather, take them out and use them! From whimsical bowls and ceramic mugs to patterned dinnerware, putting together a nice table is truly an act of love. (If the kids ask, “Who’s coming over?”, tell them “YOU are.”

Table linens

Of course, real dishes need real linens, so go ahead and lay out a table runner and cloth napkins while you’re at it. (Hey, reusable is eco-friendly! And so are those cotton tea towels.)

Indulge in a few items for a kitchen refresh--because you and your family are worth it. We’d all do well to remember the lessons we’ve learned from taking time to cook and eat together. 

Let’s continue to benefit from shared times with family and friends in kitchens and dining spaces that are pleasant and welcoming. Browse our kitchen collections online or in our Rockwall store on Ridge Road.  See you soon!
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