Front Door Decor: Is Your Entry Welcoming Your Guests?

Front Door Decor: Is Your Entry Welcoming Your Guests?

So there are some things you might want INSIDE your front door, for safety and convenience: a mirror, a bench, a flashlight, an umbrella stand, dog walking stuff…

But OUTSIDE your front door it’s all about the WELCOME. Does your front door welcome your visitors?


(Hello friends! With folksy painted flowers and a cheerful blessing, these door hangers say “Come on in!”)

Before we talk about decor, let’s take some preliminary steps to prepare the way. First, take into account the size of your porch. Is it just a step-up from the sidewalk, with simply enough room to open the door? Or is it a full-on porch, with room to furnish it like an outdoor room? Either way (or anywhere in between), prepare to make your entry inviting by following these tips.

1. Keep your entryway clean.
You may need to clean the glass, sweep away spiderwebs, andr hose off the hardscaping.
2. Lose the clutter.
Move your lawn and shrub tools, extra planters and potting soil around to the shed. If necessary, find an attractive basket or box in which to stow small items you need in front. Ditto for kids’ toys. If dirty shoes or boots end up piled on the front porch, make a new plan for the family to enter through the back.
3. Give the front door some attention.
Is your door a little worse for wear? A refresh with stain or a new coat of paint may be in order. Maybe even a new color!
4. Make sure all walkways are clear, attractive and well-lighted.
Trim shrubs back and repair any sidewalk trip hazards. Install solar sidewalk lights, if needed. Maybe it’s time for updated porch lighting, too. Check out the new  inexpensive options--ceiling mount, pendants and sconces.
5. Add plants.
In-ground or potted plants add so much life and color to your front entry. If you don’t have room for live plants (or don’t have the gardening gene), you can get the vibrant effect of real flowers with quality baskets or wreaths for your front door! These versions are so cheerful and fresh for summer!
(Two versions of grapevine wreath:blue and white with buffalo check and burlap ribbon, or multicolor flowers and greenery--which do you like best?)
6. And of course, furnishings, if you have the space.

Nothing says welcome to your guests like a shady spot to sit and visit over a cold drink. Something as simple as two chairs and a small table--or as grand as an outdoor room with several seating options and soft textile cushions and rugs.


(A white basket with brilliant yellow ranunculus spilling out? Hello, summer!)

Are you inspired? How can you help your guests feel welcome the moment they step up to your front door?




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