Give Your Home a Luxe Look

Give Your Home a Luxe Look

We tend to think of “bling”, “glam” and “luxe” as synonyms. Well, in some instances, maybe. While bling can mean anything sparkly–like your New Year’s Eve clutch bag–luxe is short for luxury. Luxury in home decor may include some sparkle, but its essence lies in classic taste and elegance. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to spring for a wine cellar or massage room to have a luxurious home. 


Classic and timeless

In a luxurious home, furniture and finishes may be mixed in style, but each piece is good quality and looks classic, not trendy. The overall effect is curated and upscale. Starting with a foundation piece like an Italian leather sofa, for example, fits the luxury vibe.

High end materials

Rich looking materials are essential to a luxurious interior. For a sumptuous atmosphere, rely on materials like velvet, linen, leather and marble.


Metallics and other reflectives

Light-reflecting surfaces such as metal finishes and mirrors are often standard in a luxurious interior. Think, the opposite of rustic. That being said, a distressed–especially antique–piece in a luxe setting lends old world refinement and timelessness.

Metallic and reflective surfaces are often key components of a chic and luxuriousroom. Crystal, silver and gold elements convey a sumptuous vibe.

Don’t fail at scale

Luxury is never skimpy. Furniture should feel proportional and intentional in a luxuriously designed space. Create furniture groupings away from the walls and anchor with beautiful rugs that pull the room together. Artwork, too, should have presence. Whether it is very expensive or not, large scale art feels important.


Luxe lighting

A room with timeless style will always include illumination by lamps and possibly sconces, as well. Chandeliers are both beautiful and essential, but overhead lighting alone can be unflattering. Inviting lamplight adds warmth and creates pockets of light to enhance a lovely room’s features, such as conversation groupings.  

Lamps are jewelry to a room, so when choosing lamps for a luxurious setting, go for large scale and high end materials.  

Accessorize lightly 

When accessorizing a room: less truly is more. Just a few lovely and well-placed items such as large vases or sculptures will have much more impact than many little trinkets everywhere. 


Whether you’re decorating a new home or redecorating a tired room, you can bring lovely, refined elements into any space. You can’t go wrong when using luxe materials, decorating to scale, and adding beautiful lighting and (a few) stunning accessories.

For help with any of your decor projects, consult with the Mint Julep associates in our Ridge Road store in Rockwall or chat with an expert while you shop our luxe collections online 24/7.
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