Organic Modern Style

Organic Modern Style

Quick decor quiz. Pick the accessory that would fit in an organic modern interior:

If you chose the sleek shape of the green vases, congratulations! You recognize the basics of organic modern style, which include clean lines and organic forms and materials.

Why has organic modern style gained popularity? Some would say its simplicity of form offers a calm oasis in contemporary culture, which is fast-paced and visually “noisy” (think 24/7 screens and commuter traffic). There is also a “back to nature” element in this movement, which seeks to soften modern hard lines (concrete, steel and glass) with natural shapes and textures, and to tone down jarring hues with a soothing neutral color palette.


In organic modern style, furniture has clean lines with little ornamentation. Decorative accessories might be crafted of wood, stone, or ceramic. Think of a classic chair pared down to its essential elements, with upholstery of some natural fabric such as linen, or maybe a woven rush seat. The lines of a table could be straight and geometric (such as a parsons or trestle table) or maybe feature a free form base of something found in nature (a piece of driftwood). The natural grain of a wood table would be visible, whether stained or whitewashed. A kitchen counter might be leather finish granite or soapstone. Walls are often white or off white.


Plant life is also a feature of organic modern style, especially the bold shapes and subdued tones of succulents


Organic modern style incorporates other natural materials such as leather and wool. Even without committing to organic modern throughout the home, compatible pieces such as a geometric chandelier, basket, neutral rugtable runner or cotton throw, could be mixed with other styles in a more traditional décor. 

Sustainability is a major feature of this style, so renewable materials such as rattan and woven seagrass play a part.


Are you drawn to the clean lines, sustainable organic materials and limited color palette of organic modern style? How would you use organic modern pieces in your home?

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