Achieving a Luxe Look

Achieving a Luxe Look

We’ve all seen her or him, that elegant individual who seems to effortlessly carry off haute couture with the cut and quality of their clothing, the one perfect accessory, and above all, an overall sense of stylistic restraint.

Homes, also, when luxe looks are thoughtfully integrated, can convey that same sense of refinement and sophistication. Let’s look at some of the hallmarks of luxurious interiors.

A timeless air

Furniture and finishes may be mixed, but individual pieces look classic and bespoke (as opposed to off-the-rack) and the overall effect is a curated quality. A luxe look is anything but standard—or faddish. Consider, for example, a gold splashed leather hide ottoman or crystal topped decanters.


High end materials

Rich looking materials contribute to the look of luxury–velvet, linen, leather, and faux fur are go-to choices for lavish interiors.


Marble, too, is invariably part of sophisticated decor. From countertops to furniture and accessories, marble conveys quality.


Details, details

Careful finishing is critical to a luxe look. Fabric shaping and stitching, as well as details like button tufting, is associated with fine craftsmanship in upholstered furniture. Hand rubbed wood and sleek satin metals convey quality, as well.

Metallics and other reflectives

Light-reflecting surfaces such as metal finishes and mirrors are a big part of luxurious interiors. (Think the opposite of rustic. If a piece in a luxe setting is distressed, it has an old world refinement and timelessness about it.)

Metal and reflective surfaces are key components of a chic room. Crystal, silver and gold elements convey a sumptuous vibe.


The right scale

Luxury is never skimpy. Instead, it displays a respect for scale. Furniture should be proportional to and appropriate to the space. Artwork also should have Presence. A cluster of miniscule frames doesn’t have the same effect as a grand piece showcased on a wall or above a console. Whether it is very expensive or not, large scale art feels important.


Look at lighting

A room with timeless style will almost certainly include illumination by lamps.  Overhead lighting alone can be harsh and unflattering. Lamplight, however, is warm and inviting, and creates pockets of light to enhance a room’s features, such as conversation groupings. 


Lamps are jewelry to a room, so when choosing lamps for a luxurious setting, pay attention to shapes and pick high end materials.  

Restraint re accessories 

Remember that stylish individual who knows the value of restraint when putting together a designer look? Learn from that stylemaker when accessorizing a room: less truly is more.  A few lovely and well placed items such as large vases or table sculpture will have much more impact than many little trinkets and tchotchkes on every available surface. 


And finally…

We can’t overstate the effect of fresh flowers in an elegant room. Whether you arrange grocery store blooms yourself or your florist is on speed dial, fresh flowers are the finishing touch in every space. 


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Whether you’re decorating a new home or redecorating a tired room, you can bring lovely, refined elements into any space by remembering these tips on luxe materials, scale, lighting, and accessories.

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