Using Real Touch Flowers for Spring Decorating

Using Real Touch Flowers for Spring Decorating

After the seemingly endless grey days of winter, what says springtime like flowers? When those first brave, colorful buds pop out on shrubs and trees and in garden beds, we can’t help but rejoice that the warm days are on their way! 

Here’s some more good news: you don’t have to have a green thumb--or an unlimited flower budget-- to enjoy fresh-looking blooms in your home.  You have options! 

With real touch flowers, you have the color, look and feel of real flowers with no maintenance! Also you’ll have less expense overall because you can re-use your lovely arrangements from year to year. Sure, you can splurge on fresh flowers now and then for a special occasion, but how great is it to be able to decorate all your rooms with sweet blossoms that never fade!



Using “artificial” flowers may have once been a decorating faux pas, but certainly not anymore.  With new technology and manufacturing methods, quality real touch flowers like the ones at The Mint Julep are nearly indistinguishable from Mother Nature’s own beauties.

Like a breath of spring--that’s a centerpiece of real touch brightly colored tulips with a “runner” of succulents and a little bunch of tulips at each place. (Like what you see? Stay tuned for more spring tablescape ideas soon!) 




Welcome your guests with a French country arrangement with ranunculus in sweet spring pastels of peach, pink and coral on a foyer table or chest. The footed vase gives it extra presence, especially in combination with a stunning whitewashed mirror and blush glass candleholders. 




When staging a tabletop vignette, a rule of threes is helpful: three items (like a floral piece, a sculpture on a stack of books, and candles) will give you those appealing differences in height and texture that you want.  Whether your arrangement is grand or small and sweet, don’t miss out on the impact of fresh-looking floral arrangements in your home.  




Why not try a variation of an entry table arrangement by hanging a wreath made of lovely real touch flowers directly on the mirror...or maybe on an armoire door or drawer? Have you seen tabletop wreath hangers? Another idea!) 

Where would a fresh looking wreath bring a touch of spring to your interiors? 



Maybe you’d like to create your own arrangements. Just select your container: wooden dough bowls are really trending just now, but anything from a vintage tin to an opalescent vase is fair game! Then choose both larger and smaller blooms in the same color family or in 2-3 coordinating colors.  Remember to vary the texture of your plant material--include some smaller and finer items, like tiny flowers or berries.  And don’t forget to intersperse some greenery or succulents for diversity. 



If floral design is not your strength, check out the vast array of handmade arrangements at The Mint Julep, both online and in-store. And of course, echoing the floral theme in your artwork is another sure way to soften your interiors and to  bring nature indoors this spring!

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