Typography Decor

Typography Decor

Typography in your decor

A decor trend that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon is the use of typography in our homes. From wall art to mugs and pillows, the creative use of type fonts holds endless opportunity for inspiration, humor, function, and beauty.

One benefit of typography is its ability to personalize your home. A family initial on a doormat or a name sign at the front door, for example, lets your guests know they are at the right place and they are welcome.

Another use of personalized type in your decor might be 3-D marquee letters spelling out a child’s name in a bedroom. Or an inspiring quote or word that expresses a family value, like “Hope”.

Thought-provoking graphic signs not only inform about family values, they can serve as a daily reminder for family members about treasured traits. Motivational thoughts around the home can help steer our thoughts in the right direction! 

In addition, typography provides a graphic punch to a space. Use a bold sign as a focal point in a room, or as the anchor piece for a gallery wall. Just don’t use ALL graphics on the wall. The only danger in using typography in your home is--overdoing it! If suddenly, everywhere you turn there is a quote (“Do Small Things with Great Love”) or a command (Wander!), you run the risk of creating a transport terminal of signs and direction markers. So, give the eye and brain some variety--mix typography in with other types of art. As with any home decor, be intentional about your choices.

Humor is another way we express ourselves at home with typography. For example: “Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is”. Would you disagree? Some comical messages around the house keep the tone light, and keep us from taking ourselves too seriously, wouldn’t you say?. 

Typography is a unique way to decorate the most utilitarian items. Sweet, wry, or funny sayings here and there inject a bit of your personality into everyday objects. 

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