5 Everyday Decor Must-Haves

5 Everyday Decor Must-Haves

Sometimes you’re hankering for a decor refresh, but as you stare at your “same old stuff”, you can’t quite figure out what you need to update your room.  Here are five everyday decor must-haves that will surely work some decorating magic for you.

Glass vases





No, not the little bud vase into which your 4-year old proudly filled with two dandelions for you (as sweet as that is). We’re talking substantial vases with show-stopping curves and some visual heft. Whether you fill them with a double handful of faux blossoms or a single palm leaf, the right vase or vases on your mantel, hearth, console or dining table will deliver a new punch of style. 

We’re especially liking the large sea glass and mercury glass vases!






Yes, you can place a wreath on an exterior door to create a welcoming entry.  But have you tried hanging, say, a eucalyptus wreath or two from the doors of your console or armoire? On a kitchen wall? On a ribbon on the back of a dining chair--or as part of your table setting? Maybe on a set of vases?

You might like a simple grapevine wreath for a rustic touch, or maybe a sweeter approach--a floral wreath in front of a mirror. (See The Mint Julep’s wreath stand for a new way to display your wreath!) Tapping into the potential of wreaths for your interior decor may be the jolt of inspiration you need!



Besides the entertaining bonanza offered by multi-tiered trays, (cupcakes, anyone?) these popular and versatile pieces offer limitless possibilities for some new life in your decor, as well. Simply layer in an assortment of faux-liage or faux fruit, crockery, small accessories, maybe some seasonal pieces. Add and rearrange till the combination suits you, then set it out on table or countertop and wait for the compliments that are sure to come!

Wooden or metal single trays are a wonderful staging ground for vignettes on your coffee table or counter, as well. A sure fire combo: a lantern or candlesticks and candles, a couple of stacked books, and a container with a faux plant. Mix up the heights and textures (not all ceramic or wood, for instance). Play with the elements of your grouping and discover your inner decorator!



We can’t say enough about mirrors to change the complexion of a room (see our blog on decorating with mirrors here)! By reflecting light, they brighten a space almost as much as a window does, beside adding their own style notes to your interiors. Maybe a new mirror in the foyer or dining room is the boost your room needs, and it’s sure to spark some new decorating ideas, too!



Think: where could you use a bench right now at your home? 

  • On a porch or covered deck. 
  • In a foyer. 
  • At the dining table. 
  • At the foot of your bed.
  • In a mudroom/drop zone. 
  • In your living or family room (hello, moveable extra seating!)

How fun to dress a bench for the season: just pop in the appropriate pillow  and throw. Upholstered or not, with a back or backless, what a versatile piece of furniture a bench is!  

You may be missing some of your normal activities these days. Why not create your own adventure at home by re-evaluating rooms and using some of our decor must-haves for fresh inspiration? If you need some help, take photos and bring them over to The Mint Julep. We’d love to help you with suggestions!
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