Three Cheers for Chests & Cabinets

Three Cheers for Chests & Cabinets

When you’re shopping for casegoods for your home, be sure not to overlook the humble but oh-so-versatile chest–and its cousin the cabinet.


Yes, we all know the chest’s function as storage for folded clothing in the bedroom (“chest of drawers”), but if you acquaint yourself with the many uses of a chest around your home, you’ll wonder how you missed the possibilities of this little wonder. And its doored counterpart, the cabinet, is equally versatile. Chests typically are stacked drawers; cabinets have doors, and may have drawers, as well. 

Chests and cabinets as foyer furniture 

A chest or cabinet proportioned to your entry hall not only provides a lovely decorative touch, it provides a drop zone for items that are coming in or going out: mail, keys, sunglasses, phones–and storage for outerwear like scarves and gloves. And don’t forget the leashes and pet pickup bags.


Style a foyer chest or cabinet like a console table with lamps, a mirror, and your seasonal decorations

Chests and cabinets as buffets


A chest or cabinet can also do double duty as a serving station in a smaller dining space. Load up the top with all your favorite foods for your guests. Stow serving pieces, flatware, and table linens in the doors and drawers.

Chests and cabinets as accent tables

When you need a small cabinet next to a chair in the living room or family room, or an accent piece on that certain wall in your home, look no further than the chest or small cabinet. You have so many decorative options in styles and finishes: scrollwork, mirrors, molding, fretwork! Painted, stained or color washed


When placing cabinets or chests around your home,be aware that some have finished backs for 360-degree viewing (as in, next to seating in the middle of a room) and some do not. So keep the placement in mind when shopping for a cabinet or chest. 

Chests and cabinets as bedside tables

A normal size nightstand works fine, but if you have the space and you want to upsize to have room for lamps, books, and decorative items, too…choose a chest for your bedside. Low cabinets are a functional and stylish option for the bedroom, too.


Depending on the vibe you’re going for, you might want matching chests for either side of the bed, or you might want to mix things up a little and go for two different styles or colors.

Chests and cabinets wherever they’re needed



Needing a little extra counter space near the breakfast room? A table for lamps behind your sofa? A place for towels or toiletries in the bathroom? A toy cabinet or storage for crafts or office supplies? A parking spot for a guest room tv? We’re certain you’ll find many lovely and practical uses for chests and cabinets all around your home! 

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