Wall Decor that WOWS

Wall Decor that WOWS

Whether you’re moving into a new home or reimagining your current home’s spaces, big blank walls present a decorating dilemma. Where to begin when it comes to wall art? Here are some tips for you.

Your style

Of course, the first thing to consider is your own style. Like most of us, your preferences have probably evolved through the years.  Maybe you began by putting together your first place using hand me downs, thrift store finds, and build-from-a-box pieces. Possibly you’ve had some years of faddish interiors based on what everyone else liked. Well, now is a good time to think through what YOU actually like, and build a personal style on that. (Need some help with a plan? Ask about The Mint Julep design services!)

Do you lean modern?

Maybe a bit rustic?

Or a happy transitional mix?

Your wall decor should be a reflection of your style, not just your color scheme or (please, no!) “something big enough for that spot”. So would a vibrant floral painting reflect the real you?

Or possibly abstract artwork with movement and energy?


Every home needs art, and decorating with paintings you love is classic and no-fail. (Just remember, unless you’re creating a gallery wall effect with several pieces, choose the right scale painting for your wall. It should be large enough on the wall to have Presence.)  

But what are some other options for your walls?


Consider including mirrors in the mix. Mirrors not only bring style notes, they brighten your home by reflecting light around the rooms. Hang a mirror opposite a window to draw in even more light.

The mirror’s frame is important, so choose your mirror for its style as well as its size and shape. Again, make sure it’s the right scale for the space.

A mirror duo or trio can also be pleasing.


Have you considered wall panels for some part of your wall decor? Options abound, from mandala-inspired metalwork to carved wooden screens.


You can even get the best of all worlds with a mirrored carved wood panel.

More designer touches: a painting flanked by mirrors is perfect on a long wall.

As you can see, at The Mint Julep, we love to anchor wall decor with a furniture piece such as a console, sofa or bed. And that’s a great decorating trick. But this is YOUR style, so feel free to hang large paintings, mirrors and panels solo on any wall in your home to achieve the look YOU love.

Shop The Mint Julep’s online collections of wall decor 24/7. Chat with a live agent to get your questions answered and receive recommendations. 

Or stop by our Rockwall store on Ridge Road Mondays 10-4, Tuesday-Friday 10-6 and Saturdays 10-5. We’d love to meet you and hear your vision for your home!

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