Maximizing Small Space Living

Maximizing Small Space Living

A number of reasons could be triggering recent interest in small space living: a desire to downsize and live more simply, a family change (parent or adult child moving into your home), or even economic downturns necessitating say, rental of a studio apartment.  Maybe you’re simply wanting to create a welcoming guest suite from an underused area of your home. 

Whatever your motive, if your intention is to make the most of small square footage, we can help with that! 

When space is at a premium...

 Consider the advantages of small scale furnishings



Instead of space-hogging overstuffed sofas and chairs, choose smaller scale pieces such as a settee-size sofa or loveseat. Even a storage bench could fill the bill. Exposed legs make the space feel even larger by not creating visual barriers to the line of sight.

 Look for multipurpose furniture



Upholstered chairs that can function both as general seating or be pulled up to a table for meals are a sure bet for a small space. (Again, leggy chairs contribute to the sense of space.)  A small round table is perfect for dining or for games, as well as for a work desk. You’ll appreciate the lack of sharp corners when navigating a small space!

Other multipurpose pieces might include small consoles, chests or cabinets that add storage, provide a base for media, or function as room dividers.



(Of course, an actual screen divider is taller--and very stylish--choice.  You can also help define spaces with area rugs.)




Don’t forget vertical space




The point of “taller” brings up another consideration: vertical space can help make up for lack of floor space in a small room. Take advantage of walls to hang shelves for display and storage.  If you can’t make holes in the walls, use furniture for the purpose. For example, a hall tree gives you hooks for outerwear and shelves and drawers/baskets for other necessary items. A hutch or armoire offers tall storage and display space for decorative accents, books, or kitchenware.

Light and bright is right for small spaces




Some other design decisions that will will make a small space appear larger:

Whether you’re furnishing a studio apartment, a mother-in-law space, or a guest suite, these tips can help you maximize the space you have! Bring your room measurements to The Mint Julep and we’ll be glad to help you with selections!




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