How to Set a Cozy Winter Table

How to Set a Cozy Winter Table



Somehow, gatherings with family and friends seem extra cozy in the winter months.  We want to throw another log on the fire, bring out steaming mugs of hot drinks, and sit down to a dinner lit by the warm glow of candlelight. 


The right setting really does enhance the mood. Let’s think about the elements of a winter gathering, and especially of a pretty winter table. If you saw our recent blog about neutral winter decor that transcends the holidays, you’ll have been introduced to sure-fire decor that easily transitions into January and beyond.








Begin with a little glitz in your table linens. A runner with some gold or silver thread is a great starting place. Metallic chargers and napkin rings at each place are another way to add a bit of sparkle (think sunlight glinting off a snow- covered landscape!) And of course for a meal that says “I treasure this time and I planned a pretty table for you”, gleaming glassware beats disposable cups every time. Make liberal use of your white dishes and wood tones to create a lovely neutral palette in your winter tablescape.



Now Imagine a centerpiece for your table. Deer and greenery and cone trees are wonderfully versatile and convey just the right textural vibe for a warm welcome on a leafless January day. The sheen of a mercury glass vase makes a special, sparkly statement on a winter dinner table. Just create a floral arrangement with some large velvety picks and snowy pine, and you’re there!




P.S. Don’t pack away your snow village right after Christmas! A few snow-flocked houses or churches nestled among your sparkly cone trees and evergreen boughs make a perfect wintry vignette. 



Also in the don’t-pack-up-yet department, your globe ornaments: as you’re creating your centerpiece, add in a bowl of shimmering ornaments or some sparkly orbs. Vary the heights of your decorations, even using cake stands or risers to elevate some elements for an artful, layered effect. Just change out your red Christmas placemats for seagrass or metallic-thread ones. 




Lastly, don’t neglect your server or buffet as you’re prepping for your winter entertaining. Carry those same natural elements–and a few decorative snowflakes–into the decoration of your other dining room furniture for a coordinated look.



Enjoy gathering with family and friends amid the sparkle and stark beauty of winter by bringing white, woodsy, and wintry elements to your dining room. 




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