The Return of Art Deco: Glamour in Home Decor

The Return of Art Deco: Glamour in Home Decor

Imagine a design style wiIdly popular 100 years ago coming back into vogue. Actually, you don’t have to imagine, because it is happening now, and the style is called Art Deco. In fact, you may be attracted to current furniture and accessories influenced by the Art Deco movement but didn’t know what to call it!

So let’s identify the characteristics of Art Deco style and see how references to that look might fit in your home today.

The name Art Deco originated from a 1925 Paris design exposition that featured modernistic designs which reflected glamour, opulence and faith in technological progress. Inspiration from this style literally swept the world during the 1920’s and 30’s, influencing the design of everything–buildings, clothing, jewelry, home decor,  appliances, even cars, ocean liners and train locomotives. 

(It was eventually eclipsed by more strictly functional styles in the 1940’s and by mid-century modern design in the 1950’s, but echoes of Art Deco forms have recently seen a resurgence in popularity.)

Unlike earlier periods that valued highly ornamental styles, Art Deco was much simpler and cleanlined, with a stylized, modern look. It was characterized by geometric and angular forms, and featured shapes like curves, trapezoids, stairstep lines, and zigzags. 

Art Deco furniture and accessories were streamlined, with restrained ornamentation (no carvings or curlicues!) They often featured shiny finishes like lacquered wood, marble, chrome, glass, steel, and mirrors. Upholstery was typically luxurious such as leather or velvet or something exotic like zebra print. There was a liberal use of black, but also bold, bright colors and neutrals.

The lines of Art Deco lighting were likewise streamlined, geometric and modern, often polished metal with shades of etched glass.

If you’re drawn to the clean modern lines and unabashed glam of the Art Deco era, you might like to find ways to import nods to Art Deco style into your home today. We’re not talking a total makeover here, but consider, for example, an Art Deco-influenced

You might also add in a pair of soft accent chairs that mimic the curvilinear look of Art Deco or an area rug that features the chevron, a recurring motif in Art Deco design. 

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