Beautiful Things Make Beautiful Homes

Beautiful Things Make Beautiful Homes

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
its loveliness increases; it will never
pass into nothingness…”
-John Keats

The poets know. They know how irresistibly we are drawn to striking and beautiful things. Not only the grand sunset or majestic waterfall, but also that wondrous item that catches our eye in the boutique, flea market, or online shop. The charming phrase “objets d’art” captures it perfectly; artistic and decorative objects do for our homes what the right jewelry does for a stunning outfit. They are the finishing touch.

What are you drawn to when you browse? Is it an object’s color or shape? Its texture?  Its quirkiness or its story? Any of these aspects can contribute to an object's appeal in our eyes, and each can make us say, “I need that.”

Despite all that media shows us, our homes aren’t magazine photo shoots or museums. They’re meant to be lived in. The most attractive and interesting homes are a reflection of the people who live there–their tastes, travels, personalities, interests, and history. Just as the wall color, furniture and arrangement speak about the residents, likewise every item displayed tells part of their story. Lovely things help to make lovely homes. 

Here are some tips for incorporating your fabulous finds and treasured mementos into your home’s aesthetic.


Edit. Edit. Edit.


You really can have too much of a good thing. An excess of anything (the same type of item, the same color, style, or material) can be visually confusing, numbing, or simply boring. Nothing gets the attention it deserves. 


If you love your collection of Venetian glass, for example, choose several of your favorites to show off. Then, to keep it fresh, occasionally switch out the ones you display. Refrain from sprinkling them all over the house–they’ll make more of a statement when a few are displayed together in a grouping. 

Buy less.

When adding new decorative items, buy only what really speaks to you, not just what’s “on trend”. One benefit of buying less is the opportunity to buy quality goods. You will also put savings in your pocket that you can apply to larger needed pieces.

Embrace empty space

A corollary of editing for a “less is more” approach: give your eye a rest by allowing some empty space. Aim for a few delightful items thoughtfully placed instead of filling every square inch of your space with “something”. 


Real rooms

Remember that you are decorating for yourself and your family. You want to end up with lovely but REAL rooms. So above all,  

  • Choose decorative items with your heart and an eye for quality.
  • Vary materials and textures, Balance hard and soft, solids and patterns, matte and sheen.
  • Decorate with a light touch. Simple is beautiful. 


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