Make Mine Modern: Consoles

Make Mine Modern: Consoles

In this space, we often praise the versatile furniture piece known as a console, and for good reason! This shallow table/cabinet in various heights and lengths can fill many roles in your home: foyer table, sofa table, buffet, display or storage piece–even media cabinet. So the popularity of this talented piece is no surprise.

What may surprise, though, is the wide variety of console styles.  If you thought consoles fit only in a traditional style home, think again! Consoles actually have much to offer the modern home!

Modern? or Contemporary?

Although we sometimes use the expressions “modern” and “contemporary” to mean the same thing, they are actually different terms. “Contemporary” means what is trending today. And while that might include nods to modern style, “modern” as a school of design arose in the early part of the 20th century and hit its apex with midcentury modern in the 1950’s and 60’s. But its distinctives continue to have an influence on furniture design today.

Modern furniture has

  • a timeless look characterized by simple shapes and clean lines.
  • a lack of fussy details like ornate curves and elaborate decoration.
  • surfaces that are often smooth and sometimes accented with chrome or other metals
  • a focus on functionality and practicality.
  • often a neutral or natural color, like black, white, gray or brown/woodtone.

Wide open spaces

If you lean modern in the design of your home, you appreciate a simple, minimal look.

A modern console can contribute to this uncluttered feel in a couple of ways: clean lines and thin legs that lift the piece off the floor give the impression of open space. And because a console is so multifunctional, you need fewer pieces of furniture, contributing to a more spacious feeling in the room.

Au naturel

Modern furniture will often incorporate materials like wood in its natural state or with minimal processing. You will appreciate the natural look of a modern wood console.

Fully functional 

While modern furniture is beautiful, it is also practical for today’s lifestyle.  A modern console is the ultimate multi-function piece. You’ll find it highly practical as a media console, foyer table, server, or sofa table. Style it as a display and/or storage piece in any room.

Plays well with others

The simple shapes, clean lines, and neutral palette of modern furniture make it easy to mix it with different style pieces. You don’t have to own a mid century modern home to incorporate modern pieces. Matchy-matchy is so yesterday! When you choose a modern console, you can confidently coordinate it with other styles.

Sleek and timeless

Bringing a thoughtful selection of modern furniture pieces into your home will help create a curated, timeless look that won’t quickly go out of style. See a large group of consoles, including modern styles, at our Ridge Road store in Rockwall–and even more options online at Our friendly and knowledgeable associates are always glad to assist you!

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