Falling for Fall Florals

Falling for Fall Florals

We’re officially into fall, at least by the calendar if not yet by outdoor temps (unless you live in Maine, maybe). That means fall decorating is in full swing. So in anticipation of mellow autumn days, (pumpkin)-spice up your interiors with some new fall florals!



Of course, you can’t talk about fall without talking about orange. Now, you may not be a fan of orange, but hear us out. There are ways to incorporate that iconic autumn hue without going full-on trad orange/brown/gold. For example, make a stunning vase in a rich tone like teal the co-star of an orange arrangement. 

Decorators remind us that red-orange and blue-green face each other across the color wheel and are therefore complements (i.e., they look good together). Likewise for orange and blue



So let that knowledge inform your choices--of containers for your orange arrangements, and of which florals to marry in an arrangement. 




Having said that, you do have fall floral options besides bright orange. For example, coral and peach are softer takes on orange. They pair beautifully with pinks, and also with mint pumpkins and pale green faux-liage. (Do you love floral arrangements spilling out of pumpkins?? We do!)



Another floral color choice for fall is plum. It’s no accident that your favorite clothing retailer features racks of deep wine and plum colors in their fall lines. Purples of every hue figure large in nature’s autumn look. So take your cue from nature and use fall blooms from magenta to deep eggplant. Start with a beautiful vase, bowl or basket, pull together plum, pink, cream florals, ghost pumpkins and greenery--and you can’t miss.




You could also go for that on-trend natural look using whites, greenery and wood tones. If you sneak in a few pale faux pumpkins, you’ve got yourself a sure fire--but subtle--fall arrangement. Neutral seasonal decor is all the rage.



And while we’re on the topic of neutrals, don’t neglect the power of succulents to carry off your fall theme.  

Whether juxtaposed with small pumpkins in a tiered tray or cascading out of a pumpkin base, the texture and color of succulent varieties will certainly elevate your fall arrangement.



By the way, succulents also shine in candle topper arrangements. Have you discovered candle toppers? They’re a great way to add fall florals to your mantel or table.


We can’t discuss fall florals without mentioning that favorite of ANY season--the wreath. 

Rule 1: Don’t skimp on elements--make your wreath as full as you can, reflecting the bounty of the harvest season!

Rule 2: Think outside the box and embrace innovative floral combinations for wreaths. For example, translate the blush-and-wine combo we’re seeing everywhere into a dreamy wreath. Combine showy wine, blush and cream blooms with soft peach and pink pumpkins. Just add eucalyptus--breathtaking!

Or--ooh la la!--pull together a panoply of warm fall hues like deep crimson, fuchsia and orange flowers and fruit for a rich and sumptuous creation.  Navy and blush (with pink pumpkins, naturally) is another stunning combination.

Of course, if you just can’t do fall without orange, you can certainly have that, too.

Especially if you include pumpkins. And a gnome.

Hope you’re inspired to create some new fall floral looks for your home. For floral stems as well as pre-made arrangements and wreaths, shop both our website and our Ridge Road store in Rockwall.
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