The Return of Gathering-Dining Rooms

The Return of Gathering-Dining Rooms

Here’s a happy word in 2021: GATHERINGS.

After nearly a year of admonishments NOT to gather, there’s light on the horizon and we’ll hopefully soon be gathering again with friends and family. 

Oh, how we’ve missed these gatherings! Because birthdays. Because family ties. Because tacos--March Madness--barbecue--Bunco! 

When we gather together, it’s often around the table for good food, sharing memories, or game night. Is your dining space ready to resume these fun times? 




If you have a round table at your house, you know how functional and versatile they are! We especially love a round table in a smaller dining room or breakfast nook because 1) it’s so easy to walk around (skip the hip bruises)  and 2) you can easily pull up a couple extra chairs. A round table is perfect for games, too--the board or discard pile is within reach of everyone!


You’re convinced your dining space needs help, but you’re nail biting over style? Maybe you’ve shopped some, but you only like the table--the chairs aren’t comfy. Or the chairs are to die for, but you’re just not crazy about the table finish. Don’t fret. Gone are the days when your only option was to purchase dining room furniture as a set. All the same leg style and for sure all the same wood! Happily, diversity reigns in furniture selection these days.  By all means, mix it up!  Bleached or whitewash finish table with rattan chairs? Or cafe chairs? Oh, yes.  A formal dark wood table with white linen chairs? Certainly!

Have you seen the eye-catching look of a rustic farmhouse table with clear polycarbonate chairs? Now that’s some diversity for you. Even if you’re not into THAT much “mix-not-match”, statement chairs can make all the difference in your dining/gathering space.


Varying the styles of your host chairs and side chairs is a way to launch a stylish update. Your goal is a look that’s cohesive (unified), not necessarily matched. Mix clean-lined with curvaceous for an updated look, like a simple slipcover-look armchair with a Queen Anne or regency side chair.  The unifying element is the pale linen. 

In fact, you’ve probably noticed how neutral interiors are really gaining momentum. And why not? Neutral furniture is a smart buy--just switch out accessories and you have a totally new house! Mixing textural elements into your neutral scheme will keep the palette from looking flat and boring: think nubby fabrics (upholstery, pillows, rugs), distressed or highly grained finishes, and carved or irregular surfaces (candlesticks, tableware, vases, plants).


While you’re updating, don’t overlook the opportunity to switch out the lighting over your dining table. Something as simple as a new chandelier or light fixture can totally change the vibe in a room!


Whether you’re drawn to farmhouse/rustic, modern, industrial, French country--or some eclectic combination of styles--prepping your dining spaces for guests can be a joyful and hope-filled act as we anticipate the return of good eats and good times with family and friends. 


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