Make Your Home Winter-Cozy

Make Your Home Winter-Cozy

After all the hubbub of the holidays, it’s natural to maybe feel a little post-holiday blah. Wait, though! Winter can be wonderful when you bring some cozy comfort to those dark days by thoughtful touches around your home. Layers of textures, ambient lighting, and refreshing greenery are among the elements that can contribute to a warm and welcoming feeling at home in January and February.



A little sanctuary

Create a welcoming spot for reading and relaxing by layering textural elements in your room. Lined curtains can help deflect the winter chill, and rugs (especially deep furry ones!) make for warm toes on low temp days and nights. Comfortable upholstered furniture with space for family lounging is a must. Lots of pillows in cable knit, faux fur, velvet or embroidery provide visual interest and a snug feel when “baby, it’s cold outside”.


Pull up a chair!

You can also carve out a pleasant spot at home with a comfy chair to curl up in–especially some version of a wing chair that wraps you in a hug while you’re resting with your book and hot drink. 
Remember the textural element and choose a chair in woven fabric or one with “nap”--raised pile on the surface for that extra cozy feeling.
Throw me a throw
Of course, a thick warm throw is a necessity, as well, while catching up on your latest tv series or finishing an audio book. Leave your light cotton ones put away till spring–right now you want some deep soft coziness! 
Blankets and quilts
Nothing says winter comfort more than cushy, luxe bedding. We think a down comforter, especially wrapped in a  velvet or flannel duvet, is a winter essential. And don’t forget to pile on the pillows here, too–the more texture, the better!
Create a winter spa
Other ways to beat the winter blues at home include:
Incorporating greenery. Real plants help filter indoor air, but if you don’t have a green thumb, even faux plants in your decor can give a psychological boost when plant life outdoors is brown and dormant.


Mood lighting. The soft glow of lamp light and candlelight adds a cozy ambience in winter. Make sure you have lamps near your seating so you can adjust your lighting on those early-dark January nights! 

And candlelight also helps set a mood when gathering indoors for chats and games. Flickering wax flameless candles can even be controlled from your snug spot by remote control!


Scent-sational winter delights

If you love real candles, choose those with pleasant and relaxing scents to help create a homey haven for your family and guests. The Mint Julep offers a variety of enchanting candle fragrances, whether you like woodsy, fresh or floral.

For that winter spa feeling, stock up on richly scented soaps and lotions for your luxurious warm bath. (And stave off dry winter skin in the process.)



Yes, you may be indoors more during the winter, but you’ll love it when you’ve made your indoors a warm and  relaxing retreat.

If you’re out and about Rockwall on a winter day, stop by our Ridge Road store for decor inspiration. Or from the comfort of your cozy home retreat, shop our online collection of winter decorating ideas anytime!

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