Texture in your Decor Creates Visual Interest

Texture in your Decor Creates Visual Interest

You may be hearing a lot about bringing “texture” into your decor. What does that mean? 

Here’s a simple way to think about it. Imagine one of  those little board books we buy for babies with inserts in the pages--faux fur, corduroy, sandpaper, a mirror. We want the baby to experience the way that different materials look and feel, right? 

A room that is all shiny, sleek surfaces that reflect light the same way is unappealing. It feels cold and sterile. Adding texture or “visual interest” with a variety of finishes helps a room feel more inviting.

Without some layering of finishes--smooth and rough, shiny and dull--a room’s decor falls flat. It feels very one dimensional.

What are some materials that would bring texture to a room? 
Wicker furniture or baskets, or matchstick blinds.
Textiles in throws and pillows, especially those that are woven or nubby or furry.
Fabric draperies and upholstery.
Natural materials, like wood, brick, stone and ceramic.
Live or faux plants.
Even artwork or printed pattern can give the impression of texture, as in wallpaper--or the painting below.

The carved base of this console table is an eye-catching textural element. Likewise the sculpted form and distressed finish of the vase and candlesticks.  The plants add another aspect of texture to this vignette.

Another way to add visual interest or texture to your interiors is by layering your displays. Things of different shapes, sizes and heights, when set one in front of the other, are more visually interesting than items simply lined up. (For example, notice above how the vase and candlesticks overlap the edges of the painting, creating depth.) 

So creating texture is about the senses--how objects look and feel. Be sure to mix things up using opposites--wood and metal, mirrored and matte, baskets and glazed ceramics--for that variety that your senses find so interesting!

Remember, you’re creating a home that is a lovely sanctuary for you and your family. When selecting pieces for your interiors, take your time and wait for objects that you love. Don’t just run out and buy a fuzzy pillow because you need texture!


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