Trending: Neutrals & Naturals

Trending: Neutrals & Naturals

Home style quiz: do you tend to think that “neutral” equals “boring”? Think again! A neutral decorating scheme can be classically stylish. And it’s gaining in popularity every day because it’s so serene–and so versatile.
We’re not just talking the ubiquitous gray and bright white scheme we’ve seen everywhere in recent years. The needle has been moving from those cooler neutrals to warmer hues in decor lines. Now we’re seeing, for example, more whites with golden undertones, earthy beiges, terracotta and charcoal. 

Along with this shift to warmer neutral colors, there’s a huge interest in natural materials to add texture and interest to neutral schemes–both furniture and decor crafted of wood, leather, bamboo, wovens (cotton, linen, wool), cork, stone, and ceramic.

The appeal of neutrals
By reducing visual “noise”, neutral interiors can be calming. With their emphasis on light and space, they have a lifting effect. Certainly, in our fast-paced and hyper-stimulating modern world, we need peaceful places to live. The effect of layered whites, off whites, beiges, tans, and wood tones–with varied textures for contrast–is restful to the eye and mind. 
 And if you like to accent with a bit of color, a neutral interior provides the perfect base!
The nature of things
Right now, shades of green–from olive to moss to avocado–are extremely popular and a great natural complement to a neutral scheme. Add green to your home with accent furniture, table linens, and pillows
decorative accessories
..and even green plants, which bring that needed touch of nature. Plants in the home are part of a renewed interest today in biophilic design, which focuses on connectivity to the natural environment. 

Material matters
Layering neutral colors can be “blah” unless you create interest with a variety of textures such as wood grain and wovens. Materials like natural, distressed or whitewashed wood furniture pair perfectly with neutral schemes.

Wood accessories say “nature-inspired”, too.
Utilizing baskets around your home not only provides texture but artistry and function, as well. Who doesn’t need a stash spot for throws and toys? Or a stylish planter?
Caning, likewise, brings in textural interest using a natural material.
Leather is another natural element that plays well with a neutral palette. A buttery leather pillow can update a gray sofa. A simple leather chair can be the accent that completes your neutral room.


From ceramic pots to terracotta lamps, don’t forget beautiful ceramics to provide earthy texture in any setting. 

A final advantage to neutral pieces throughout your home: they move easily from room to room, allowing for more decorating flexibility!

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