New Year: A Chance for Changes

New Year: A Chance for Changes

In the new year our thoughts naturally turn to fresh starts. And once all the holiday decorations are packed away, it’s a great time to look at our homes with new eyes, imagining some changes. 

The good news is, you don’t have to go for a full remodel to freshen up your interiors. Just a few additions or replacements can make you feel you have a whole new house!


How old are your home’s light fixtures? Have you shopped lately for what’s new in lighting? You should! A simple change of pendants over your island or a terrific new chandelier over your dining table, for example, can give your room a brand new look. And it’s a project any DIY-er can easily accomplish. (Even a pair of new lamps will wake up a tired decor!)



Another designer trick: try an area rug in a new pattern or color combo to freshen a room.  Or, if your carpet is looking a bit careworn, a simple fix is to layer a lovely area rug over it. 

Art and Wall Decor

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, your choice of wall art plays a critical part in the expression of your home’s style. Do you lean modern? Maybe a bit rustic? Or is your home a happy transitional mix?

Your wall decor should be a reflection of your style, not just your color scheme. And always choose the right scale painting for your wall. Timid little pieces never have much punch. Your art should be large enough on the wall to have Presence!  

Wall art options abound, from mirrors to carved wooden panels.

A bold new mirror will not only bring new style notes, but also brighten your home by reflecting light around the room, much needed on these dull winter days. Hang a mirror opposite a window to draw in even more light. Again, make sure it’s the right scale for the space. Have you ever tried a mirror duo or trio? That can also be pleasing.


Lastly, don’t overlook the potential of new decorative accessories to bring a fresh look to tired rooms. As you’re restoring your rooms after the holidays, it’s a good time to evaluate the things you display. Don’t just automatically put everything back the way it was. Ask yourself, “Do I really love this? Does it fit with what I’m going for in this room?” Keep the donation box handy.

Then, treat yourself to some new things that really sing to you. A lovely table sculpture. A sensuous wooden or ceramic bowl. A new Real Touch floral arrangement.

It’s a new year–throw back the draperies and welcome in the winter sun on the fresh new interiors you’ve imagined! Need some help imagining new spaces? Call on our knowledgeable and friendly associates at our Ridge Road store in Rockwall, or chat with us online at

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