Tiered Trays for Fall

Tiered Trays for Fall

Tiered trays: you thought they were just for cupcakes!


Au contraire! Tiered trays are one of the most versatile decor pieces in your home! And with fall in full swing (light the scented candles! bring on the pumpkin spice latte!), you’ll want to pull out those tiered trays as bases for your autumn vignettes. Read on! 


Maybe you’ve already noticed the tiered tray’s premier virtue: it makes the most of your table or counter space by going vertical. 

Tiered trays work especially well with the limited space of round tables, making swoon-worthy centerpieces while leaving room for your placemats, chargers and plates.


And tiered trays are perfect for the kitchen counter, as well, where you’d like to bring in fall decor but don’t want to give up counter space.


A tiered tray also fits perfectly on a slim console table, sideboard or buffet. Styled for fall  it can take center stage in a horizontal grouping of lamps, frames, candlesticks and decorative pumpkins.

We love to use tiered trays as the eye-catching central element in a fall centerpiece for a  rectangular table. Paired with lanterns, greenery and small pumpkins, the tiered tray–literally–elevates your grouping by artfully displaying and coordinating with other centerpiece elements that reflect the fall season.

Loving the idea of a fall tiered tray, but not sure where to start? Simple. Just start with a tiered tray in your choice of styles and size, larger or smaller.

As you’re thinking of what to include in your tray, you could work from a theme, or possibly a color scheme. Some no-fail autumn elements include:

Begin by placing your larger pieces, then fill in with smaller items. Mix up your shapes and textures: some smooth and shiny (like pottery, glass, and metals) with textured (like burlap and plant life). Remember the tray can be seen from all sides, so turn it as you work and try to make every view interesting and balanced.

You can style a tiered tray for any season. Enjoy making a lovely tiered tray arrangement for your home this autumn! See our line of trays–and all things fall–in store on Ridge Road in Rockwall and online 24/7 at mintjulepdecor.com.

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