Using Mirrors in Your Decor

Using Mirrors in Your Decor

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Are you using mirrors in your décor, y’all?

Why mirrors? Because they can do much more than give you a visual check of your outfit! Beyond their acknowledged usefulness, mirrors can also make a decorative statement. AND mirrors are wonderful for their ability to catch and reflect light in your rooms. 

Lighten and brighten

The play of light in rooms can be a real mood lifter. Especially if the room is painted a deep moody color and/or has little natural light, you can amplify what light there is by the artful use of mirrors.  

Hang or prop a wall mirror 

  • over a mantel or soaking tub
  • above a console, buffet or chest
  • in a foyer (form and function: double check your hair before heading out!)
  • anywhere you need additional lightUsing

Visually enlarge your rooms  

Try to forget those self-stick 1970’s mirror walls! Instead, think how a well-placed mirror or two, by reflecting the angles of a room, can make a smaller space feel larger than it is.

Break up large wall areas

The opposite is also true. While it’s wonderful to have a large home, sometimes those big blank walls can pose a decorating dilemma. Solve it with a beautiful mirror on the wall.

Double the impact 

Go ahead and show off–your pretty things, that is! Nothing like a mirror to make your decorative accessories read as–MORE. When you position your collections in front of a mirror, they will have a bigger visual effect. Try this on a console table; it’s a great styling trick.

Bring in style 

The right mirror can give that “certain something” to finish out the decor of a room. Choose the perfect mirror to complement or contrast with your design style. A modern mirror in a farmhouse? An ornate mirror in a modern home? Absolutely!

Try mirrored furniture, too–because you can! You’re not limited to mirrors on your wall–get the benefits of reflected light by choosing mirrored furniture. A lovely mirror-front console will bring beautiful sunlight (and style!) into your room. 

We’re loving the large Parisian style gold mirrors in vogue just now. Arched and cathedral window mirrors continue to be popular.

Our friendly Ridge Road store associates would love to help you find just the right mirrors for your interiors. Bring photos of your rooms! And don’t forget you can shop our mirror collections at 24/7
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